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Starcraft 2 Terran

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Starcraft 2 Terran has definitely been revamped compared to its predecessor. With its upgraded infantry, mechanized units, and heavy air support, the Terran army has just gotten stronger (so did every other race)! In this article, I will go over its units, build orders, strategies and buildings for the new Starcraft 2 race, Terran.

[Starcraft 2 Terran Unit]

Terran in Starcraft 2 definitely got some new interesting abilities and units; Thors, Vikings and Raven are my favorite units in Starcraft 2. Unlike the units in the classic game, its sequel has just gotten better. One of the most interesting features of Terran units is its defensive style.

The Terran race is a defensive race compared to Zerg and Protoss; they are very strong with a good strategic position, but very weak when flanked or surrounded. A perfect example is the siege tank. The Siege tank has the longest firing range of 13 in the game. However, it has only 160 HP for its high gas cost. Another example is the marine; it has very high damage per second (7) for only 50 minerals. Despite its high damage and range, the hit point (40) of the unit is pitiful. A pair of Zerglings has 70 hit points for its cost. This supports the idea that Terran units needs to have good tactical position to take advantage of its high damage and long range attacks.

[Starcraft 2 Terran Building]

Terran has many defensive buildings like the bunker, turrets, planetary fortress, and even the command center can load SCVs for safety. Terran is the only race that uses its buildings as an integral part of their defense. This is because their buildings can lift off and land in strategic positions. In addition, their buildings can be upgraded like more room for bunkers, +2 armor for all its buildings and adding firing range for turrets.

[Starcraft 2 Terran Build Order]

Terran build order is nothing special to talk about. However, the building placement plays a huge role in the build order. For example, if a Terran plays builds close to its ramp, it is a very safe style. With early marines in the back of supply depots and a barrack, the player can fend off most early rush strategies. However, if the Terran player decides to push early game, he could just build close to his minerals (save him extra travel distance). He could also build close to the enemy base like a reaper proxy build order that will devastate your opponent's economy if not properly scouted.

[Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy]

Although Terran is a defensive race; they can still be very aggressive. The famous SCV rush is still feasible. In addition, Terran has reaper and hellion harassment as for their early to mid game strategy. Terran is a race that has counters to anything that the enemy throws at them. The problem is that the player needs to scout it coming for the counter to work properly. Many Terran strategies revolve around hard countering the enemy. A Thor drop strategy can counter fast teching by the Zerg. A siege tank marine push can straight up decimate an early Protoss player.

Check out each Starcraft 2 Terran section. I recommend going to the strategy section first before the build order. Then as you get more familiar with each unit and building, you can focus on developing your own game play style.

[Starcraft 2 Terran Storyline]

Wanna find out what Starcraft 2 Lore and Storyline is about? Check out our Terran section that explains how the Terran faction rised to power. How Jimmy Raynor and Tychus Findlay got together. How The United Earth Directorate and Network formed!