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StarCraft 2 Terran vs Terran Strategy Guide

starcraft 2 terran

Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran match-ups can be long and grueling. Employing the same strategies and trying to counter their own tactics are just some of the difficulties that come with this king of match-ups. How can the Terran counter its own strategies and try to defeat their Terran enemy that almost employs the same tactics?

The key for this kind of match-up is the proper implementation of scouting ahead and miner harassment. In a game like this, an advantage over vision and economy is always essential if you want to dominate the player completely. Most Terran base do not easily recover from surprise attacks wherein their resource units or production force is crippled thus rendering them immobile for a significant amount of time. It is of the utmost importance to gain the advantage of speed and slowing down your opponent to force him into a catch-up game while you more to higher tech trees. This match-up can take long and may require you to advance your tech trees as soon as possible.

A good field of vision allows you to react to your enemy's movements and determine their builds and unit compositions. This is also very useful when the enemy's attack forces is on your base's doorsteps- it lets you take defensive maneuvers fast and relocate significant buildings that might get destroyed due to the impending battle. In early stages of the game, it is advisable to scout ahead to spy over their plans with the hope of finding potential openings for you to penetrate the enemy base to harass the SCVs or mules responsible for economic production of your enemy's units. It is also advisable to provide necessary defensive units for your own SCV's as this strategy would give away your technique to your enemy who might use the same method to cripple your production units. You can then base your builds according to his plans and counter them. Your opponent will try this strategy as well so whenever you see an enemy scout, take them out immediately.

Once you determined their builds and combos, you can then plan your builds according to a counter strike against your enemy builds. The most commonly used tactic used by Terran is the MMM combo. It is composed of Marines for anti-air and light-armored units, Marauders for heavy-armored units, and Medivacs for patching injuries suffered by marines and marauders. Trying to counter this with the same MM&Ms could lead to a battle of attrition, causing neither advantage over the other and would just wear down precious resources. The key to success is an advantage over the other so you may try to finish off his combo by using Siege Tanks and Ghosts in order to kill of those MMs in no time.

In the case that your opponent tries to do a fast factory and Starport for a Viking, Siege Tank, and Ghost combo, you may want to cripple his economy as fast as you can. This combo consumes a lot of minerals and gas and will take time to actually be able to move in full effect. During this time, focus on a barracks build combo and send in units to harass their miners and delay their progress.

As a basic strategy, Terran tends to wall-in their bases to prevent harassments. Reapers are fast moving and are able to jump over terrain, including buildings. Use reapers to jump over wall-ins and take out any existing marines inside. With the marines gone, which may be around 4 to 5 as your enemy is focusing on an early high tech build, you can now proceed to taking out the SCVs. And eventually disrupt, if not completely paralyze their economy. This will give you ample time advantage and may proceed into finishing off the game with the basic MMM combo.

Employing these techniques effectively and keeping a constant eye to your enemy's movements and crippling their economy determine the outcome of any game, may it be versus Zerg, Protoss, and Terran. A Terran to Terran match-up is a special case wherein you must focus well on intelligence information to effectively crush your adversary. With these tactics in mind, the frustrating all-terran match-up would be a cakewalk.

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