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Starcraft 2 Zerg Units

The Zerg units in StarCraft 2 are a menacing group of units that are the fastest and most aggressive units of all of the races. Zerg units feature ranged and melee units that can outflank, overpower and outproduce your opponent due to their larva spawning ability and their swarm style of play. For Descriptions, Strategies, Strengths, Weaknesses and Videos and Commentaries of any of the Zerg units click on any of the unit links below.

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Zerg Units in Starcraft 2

                Under the rule of Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, the Zerg further evolved into a greater species. While still amassing the Swarm for another war against the Protoss and the Terran, Kerrigan made experiments on the Zerg’s evolutionary strain, making them stronger and resulting to mutations. These mutations created potent war materials that would soon bolster up the Zerg’s combat abilities. New species were added to the already powerful Zerg Swarm and are now ready for the long awaited slaughter.


                These are the evolved forms of the Zergling, the basic unit of the Swarm. They would undergo a brief chrysalis stage and go around with their newly bloated form. Banelings are capable of inflicting heavy damage around it by sacrificing itself. A noxious acid filled up its body and as they detonate, the acid would turn their enemies to a burning heap of meat and metal. They are also capable of burrowing and staging surprise attacks against ground units.


                These new form of Zerg are one of the results of Kerrigan tweaking with the Zerg’s evolutionary strains. The Changelings are med up of protoplasmic substance that allows them to shape shift. They can imitate an enemy unit without them knowing and is perfect for espionage. If they were caught, they can transform parts of its body to a deadly spike. They are now fit for serious combat and can only stay alive for a limited time.


                It has evolved from the borbu matriarch that was assimilated into the Zerg Swarm. The Infestor is a formidable species capable of regurgitating swallowed Infested Terrans. They can burrow and still be able to launch attacks using their infested terrans. They are also masters of manipulation as they are capable of sending parasites to an organism’s brain and control them.


                The feared corruptors are one of the Swarms greatest assets. The Terran and Protoss are right to fear these species but fortunately for them, Corruptors can only be found on the most advanced of hive clusters. These creatures are capable of covering their opponents in acid, making them more susceptible to damage. The corruptors can evolve into the powerful Brood Lords.

Brood Lord

                The ever-changing form of the Zerg has created one of the most powerful creatures that roamed the galaxy. One such result from the rapid evolution is the creation of the Brood Lord. They are a flying creatures spawned from the Corruptor species and is capable of attacking at great distances. They have replaced the Guardians as the main long-range artillery of the Zerg Swarm. Brood Lords use broodlings to devastate an enemy base at a distance while the living projectiles wreaked melee damage to the unfortunate victim.


                Roaches are a breed of Zerg capable burrowing and demonstrate high speed regeneration ability when in this state. Kerrigan assimilated the zantar slug and manipulated it to create a creature with thick carapace and with acid projectiles capable of penetrating armor. Few can take down a roach and live to tell the tale about it.
With Kerrigan’s newly enforced Zerg Swarm, she now musters her brethren to finish the job she left at Tarsonis. Her labors for manipulating the Swarm’s evolutionary cycles allowed her to create new and powerful variations of the Zerg- something naturally difficult to accomplish but only a true queen of a race can execute with certainty and ease. Kerrigan is indeed a queen full of wiles, would not you agree?  Players who are big fans of the adaptive Zerg will feel a new-found passion as they use this race in the intense battlefields of StarCraft 2.