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Starcraft 2 Terran Units

The Terran units in StarCraft 2 are a diverse group that features the greatest amount of abilities and skills of any race. Terran units feature ranged units that, if used collectively, can always gain a tactical advantage on your opponent due to the variety of skills and abilities they have. For Unit descriptions, strategies, strengths, weaknesses and videos and commentaries of any of the Terran units click on any of the unit links below.

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Articles of Starcraft 2 Terran Units

                Following the end of the Brood War, the Terran Dominion has greatly advanced their armaments. Their enemies are no longer their own kind, but new threats arose. Their scientists and weapons manufacturers through their analysis during their encounter with the alien races of the Zerg and Protoss hastened to develop more effective weapons for their new enemy.


The Marine remains as the basic unit of the Terran military. Formerly criminals that served their sentences in correctional facilities, they now rendered their service to the Dominion and serve their remaining life sentences. These men are often used for ground missions, and often expendable. These units can perform well if commanded properly and is capable of devastating enemy lines with deadly precision.


                Like their marine comrades, Reapers were once criminals assimilated to the Terran army to serve their sentences. They are capable of leaping cliffs and buildings. Equipped with jetpacks and hand held gauss pistols, Reapers are a great harassment unit for raids and crippling enemy economy. As they are lightly armored, hit and run tactics are always an option for these agile fighters can only last a short time under constant enemy fire.


                The Terran ghosts are naturally born with psychic abilities. They are assimilated into the army at a young age and trained to control their superhuman abilities until they are ready for combat. A ghost comes out of the academy as masters of espionage. They can cloak themselves using their specialized suit. Ghosts are best used for precision strikes and are capable of calling a nuclear bombardment against an enemy.


                The aftermath of the Brood War led scientists to propose a new type of machine for combat. Based on the walker concept of the old Goliath and the transformation capability of the siege tank, the Viking was created. The Goliath’s lack of mobility put the Terran’s anti-air capabilities. The Vikings are equipped with thrusters that allow them to change from a ground walker to an aircraft. They are capable of conducting crippling raids and hold the advantage of both air and ground.


                The Wraith models proved to be ineffective as an air-to-ground support unit after the Brood War. Although Wraiths hold some of the latest developments in technology, they were deemed too ineffective against ground units. The Banshee class was then released. Equipped only with twin turbofans with air-to-ground cluster rockets, the Banshee served as the Terran’s main air to ground support unit due to its effectiveness and practicality.


                Few modifications were made with the robust flagships of the Terran Dominion. The old design proved to be very effective and few modifications are implemented. These flying fortresses were either equipped with Hercules or Minotaur modifications to further enhance the tried and tested potential of the Battle Cruiser.

Siege Tank

                The old arclite siege tank models are excellent defensive and offensive units for ground to ground combat. They can either be in the mobile assault mode or in the stationary siege mode, boasting their devastating long-ranged artillery. The new Crucio Siege Tank mobility and design remains almost the same as the arclites only the hulls are made tougher and a more effective assault-mode capability.
These new addition to the Terran Army would make them a more formidable race. Perhaps, even more formidable than the other races if you may and this will definitely catch everyone’s keen observant instincts- something that won’t slip by our eyes. This advancement in Terran technology is the product of the past wars. New strategies and tactics would unravel as players master the new units and technology that StarCraft 2 offers.