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Starcraft 2 Protoss Units

The Protoss units in StarCraft 2 are a strong and powerful group that features durable units and the most advanced technology and ability of any race. Protoss units feature ranged and melee units that, pound for pound, have more hp and higher damage than your opponents army due to their shields, proud history and advanced technology. For Descriptions, Strategies, Strengths, Weaknesses and Videos and Commentaries of any of the Protoss units click on any of the unit links below.

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StarCraft 2 Protoss Units

                Long ago, the Conclave created a mink link system based from the Khala.  The system allowed the Conclave to expand the Protoss’ psionic abilities. But not all submitted to the Khala, this separatist Protoss were deemed rebels and was exiled to distant worlds. They were left to fend off for themselves without the Khala’s aid. They became masters of the Void, a force independent from the powers of the Khala and thus they were called the Dark Templars. Following the destruction of their home world, the Aiur Protoss found themselves as refugees to the Dark Templar’s home world of Shakuras. Although uneasy relationships brood over the two Protoss factions, they were forced to fight side-by-side to avenger the destruction of Auir.


                The Protoss are always in the pursuit to obtain power. These young protoss are trained to endure the harshest combat situations. Basing their powers from the Khala, Zealots are capable of focusing their psionic powers to two blades that can cut through armor. They are also known to use robotics to enhance their speed and strength.


                The Immortals are the last of the Dragoons of Aiur. The Dragoons were once fallen warriors who were given a robotic body to once again fight for the Khala. The destruction of Aiur, however, rendered the Protoss unable to create this process again. The remaining Dragoons of Aiur was then further enhanced with twin phase cannons and an energy shield. As their numbers are limited each Immortal casualty is deeply felt by the last remnants of the Protoss.


                The exiled Protoss were denied access to Aiur’s dragoon technology and was forced to improvise. The Stalkers are the Dark Templar’s version of the Dragoon. These war machines are infused with the dark essence of the Void and can teleport short distances. Their ability to amass surprise attacks can devastate any unsuspecting enemy. They can also teleport to avoid unnecessary damage.


                The old models of the Scouts and the Corsair are replaced by the Phoenix as the Protoss’ main air fighter. They are capable of unleashing devastating psionic storms that can devastate enemies. They also employ shackles that prevent enemy units from escaping the huge outburst of psionic energy. The energy overload would render the Phoenix temporarily immobile and vulnerable.


                These ancient weapons of war banned long ago by the Conclave due to its massive destructive capability have later found its use again due to the desperate situation the Protoss are now in. The Colossi are highly mobile due to its capability to walk over cliffs and high elevations. The great height of these war machines make them vulnerable to air-to-air weapons.

Void Ray

                These vessels are capable of devastating ground bombardments and are said to one day replace the Carriers as the Protoss flag ship. The newly developed Warp Rays are the products of merging the High and Dark powers of the Protoss. The melding of these two powers proved to be a powerful development for the two separate Protoss sects who pursued two different paths of power.


                The golden age of exploration and expansion once used these as the main flagships of the massive Protoss fleet. Times have changed and the motherships, deemed their service unneeded, were sent to the far reaches of space. The destruction of Aiur rendered the Protoss weak and powerless and so found a use once again for these powerful relics of the past. The Mothership is capable of amassing powerful energy surges capable of devastating even the most fortified fortresses.
With their new found power and newly formed alliance with the Dark Templar, the Protoss are now rising from the devastation that was brought upon them by fate- a struggling race newly given the slightest glimmer of hope to rebuild what was destroyed and take vengeance for what was lost. A powerful race yet to recover from the brink of extinction to once again regain their former glory and fight for their people.  Their two disciplines of power combined resulted to the creation of their new military backbone. These powerful new units will make the Protoss dominate the battlefield of StarCraft 2 as players learn to use them.