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UEN Community 1v1 League - Are you up to the Challenge?


ITS BACK! Some may have no idea what I'm talking about and others have been anticipating this day for months, the return of the UEN league. After the UEN league season 2 went on indefinite hiatus we weren’t sure  when season 3 was going to roll around, but we have decided to revamp the format of the previous UEN league and begin anew as the UEN Community League, and this will be its inaugural season.


With the return of a UEN league will also be the return of a weekly broadcast.  During the group stage the broadcast will feature at least 4 match-ups (1 from each group, casted off replay) and a potential 5th match-up (match-up of the week, replay or live depending on player’ schedules). The play-offs will be casted in their entirety off replays (or live if player’s schedules allow). Games will be casted by one or a combination of our in-house casters featuring OneManZerg, ScvRush, Moderas, etc.

The first broadcast will coincide with the (tentative) start date of the UEN Community League Season 1, July 16, 2011 at 5:00 PM PST. We will have a special live broadcast where members of the community will be able to partake in matches casted by our team of in-house casters. As an extra bonus we will have a very special Bo5 show match to kick off the league.

We encourage ALL players to apply and become a part of the league. The main point of the league is to be for fun, while  At this point we intend to accept all applicants into the league and depending on the number of applicants the league format may be expanded to accommodate the # of players. However, if you do intend to apply we just ask that you consider your commitments and be willing to commit to the schedule of the league. We do not want a repeat fiasco when the league has to go on hiatus because players disappear or are unable to play matches.

Go to the Forums, read about it and SIGN UP NOW!

-Posted by OneManZerg for MDMA (our league/tourney host)


Submitted by OneManZerg on Sat, 2011-06-18 13:41