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Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy

Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy

Zerg Strategies and Tips

in StarCraft 2 are the fastest paced and most position intensive of all of the strategies. With all of the Zergs movement capabilities, creep advantages and aggressive need for expansion and map control the Zerg strategies involve a lot of planning for the future and insight into what your opponent is teching to. Zergs abilit to heal over time and mass troops faster than any other race are just a few of the advantages to Zerg. Whether you like Zerglings, Mutalisks, Hydralisks, or any other Zerg unit, these strategies will help you gain the advantage on your opponent and dominate in StarCraft 2.Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy


Zerg strategy of each unit:

Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy

The Zerg are a fully biological race in Starcraft 2. Their larva system allows dynamic choices between army and economy. The Zerg lack the defensive capabilities of the other two races making it more important to keep a strong standing army. Zerg are also unique in their workers. Drones must sacrifice themselves to become the structure you wish to build making constant drone production very important. The Zerg's inability to make both workers and units makes them very difficult to make pull off early aggressive zerg strategies because failure usually means a loss.

Zerg Strengths:

  • Zerg can build multiple units at a time due to the fact their larva can turn in to any unit. In combination with the queen a Zerg player can often spawn 4+ units simultaneously.
  • Zerg units generally build faster allowing them to react to aggression better than others.
  • Zerg benefit the most from fast expand builds and can almost always form a very strong mid game either through harassment or out macro managing an opponent.
  • Zerg can often field the first units of the game due to the Zergling's cheap cost and quick build time.
  • Because zerg has the relie on spreading its creeps to get around, all the strategies of the Zerg should take advantage of this mechanism like fast zerglings, or hydralisk roach strategy.

Zerg Weaknesses:

-Zerg have the least defensive capabilities of the races making them vulnerable to many early aggression tactics and forcing Zerg to spend a good portion of their resources on their army rather than teching.
- Most Zerg builds require you to have more bases than your opponent not only so you can spawn more larva but also so you can afford some of the higher cost units like Mutalisk.
- Zerg have the fewest specialized damage units (i.e. + vs armored) making some of their counters less effective than the Terran or Protoss equivalents.
- Zerg are extremely vulnerable to Banshee or Void Ray rushes due to the fact you can likely only field a queen by the time they can have an air unit in your base. This makes scouting very important so you can get a second queen or a spore crawler to defend yourself.
- Zergs in Both Starcrafts need to have very good strategic position to gain an advantage on the opponent.
Unique Traits:

  • Zerg get their supply from Overlords, a living unit that can fly and be upgraded to work as either a drop ship or a detector.
  • Zerg spread creep as they make buildings and plant creep tumors. While on this creep Zerg units receive a large boost in speed. They also need this creep in order to build structures and any structure that ends up being removed from the creep will slowly die.
  • The Queen can be used to increase your production of larva, spread creep, or even save a friendly unit or structure in need with her various abilities.

Zerg Strategy in Starcraft Brood War vs Starcraft 2

-Hydralisks have been moved to tier 2 and had their cost increased including their supply cost being raised to 2. Ths denies the mass hydralisk strategy that Starcraft Brood Wars players always do.
- Roaches, an armored tank unit, have been added. They have a 3 range attack (Compared to 5 for a marine) and 1 base armor. This makes them good against Zealots, marines, or zerglings in the early game.
- Zerglings can now morph in to Banelings. Banelings have an acid-filled sack on their back that causes them to explode whenever they come in to contact with an enemy. They do massive damage against light units and structures, so a handful of well placed Banelings can annihilate a Terran wall and the units behind it.
-  Defilers replaced with Infestors. Infesters have the ability to spawn Infested Terran which deal a small amount of ranged damage and absorb fire. They can also mind control units temporarily and have an AoE snare effect that also causes roughly 35 damage.
- Mutalisk no longer evolve.
- Corruptors replaced Devourers and fulfill the same role. Corruptors evolve in to Broodlords which fulfill the same role as the Guardian.
- Creep Colonies are no longer required to spread creep. It is now spread by Creep Tumors which are spawned by a queen.

Well that pretty much sums up all the Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy information and its changes with Starcraft Brood War. There are a lot of changes to the Zerg more so than any other race simply because Blizzard changed the way they function such as spreading creep tumor and allowing the queen to spawn larva.

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