Breaking down the Masses

How to use an Ultralisk to destroy any enemies ball, line, or horde of troops. Ultralisks have an awesome Cleave attack in StarCraft 2 and that coupled with their massive armor and HP make them great for breaking down large balls of units.

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When to Use:


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When your opponent has a large army of Mid to small sized units.   Ultralisk is used for this strategies

[What to do]

Send in your Ultralisk(s), hopefully with backup, to attack the mob of troops.

[Tips for Pulling This Off]

It is recommended that you surprise your enemy and bring in support for your Ultralisks. Large masses of troops can still destroy Ultralisks in small numbers. Also, ensure your Ultralisks are at the front of your army so they don't get stuck behind your troops and can absorb the damage with their 500 HP.

Good vs. These Races / Strategies:


Bad vs. These Races / Strategies:

This is great vs. small and mid-sized units, espcially armored units. Your Ultralisks do an amazing amount of damage to stacks of units as they have a Cleave attack. Also, their attack deals an amazing 46+ DPS to armored units, allowing them the ability to tear through even mid-sized armored armies.   This is bad when the masses are greatly spread out or are on a ledge or cliff that allows them to attack the Ultralisk without being attacked back. Also, air armies will destroy Ultralisks without fear of being attacked in return.

What to do in Success:


What to do in Failure:

If you are successful then you need to keep pushing on the opponents army and/or base.   If you fail you will likely need to rebuild your army. You can also switch to a strategy that may better counter your opponents build.

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