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Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy

Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy

Terran Strategies in StarCraft 2 are difficult to master because the Terran race has the most abilities and skills of all of the races. In addition, Terran units are mostly ranged; they require the most micro to perform well. The Terran strategy guide will teach you step by step tips on how to use specific units, abilities and tactics. The race has many unique abilities such as repairing damaged structures and calling down mules. In addition, many interesting tactics and strategies involve a defensive mindset. To be a good Terran player, they not only need to know the units very well, but also the positioning and usage of defensive structures such as blockades, bunkers and missile turrets. Whether you like the unit Marine, Siege Tank, BattleCruiser, or any other unit, Check out Terran strategy guide and the Starcraft 2 Terran overview

Terran strategy of each unit:

Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy

The Terran race is a very interesting race in both 1v1 and team play. They have many unique features, including movable buildings and a lack of melee units. Terran are an extremely defensive race and through the combination of Siege Tanks and their cheap static defense structures they can use defensive strategies to easily hold expansions and prevent harassment.

Terran Strength:

  • Very large mix of abilities including EMP which can cripple enemy casters and make a Protoss army far less threatening.
  • Cheap (100 mineral) anti-air turrets and salvageable bunkers make it easy and cheap to set up defenses at your expansions or Xel'naga towers.
  • SCV repair ability and the cheap but effective Medivac can get a damaged army back in to fighting shape very quickly, or increase the longevity of an army.
  • Reactors allow you to quickly replace lost units or reinforce in battle by producing two basic units at the same time.
  • Siege Tanks have the longest range in the game at 13. This allows them to cause heavy damage to an enemy's army before they can even fight back.

Terran Weaknesses:

  • All ranged units means you don't have a true meat shield.
  • One for one the Marine is a rather weak unit and needs support from other early units to stand up to the zealot or zergling.
  •    The Bunker must be loaded with 4-6 supply worth of units, making its effective cost higher than other static defenses unless you can salvage it.
  • Terran air units are very specialized, with only one that can attack both air and ground- the Battlecruiser. Due to its high cost and position in the tech tree, it is rare to see Battlecruisers in action in 1v1.
  • Terran are the most immobile of the 3 races with many slow moving units.

Starcraft 2 Terran Unique Traits

  • The ability to upgrade your command center allows you to make it in to either a powerful defensive structure, the Planetary Fortress, or the Orbital Command which provides you with the ability to scan anywhere on the map and drop MULE's to give your economy the boost it needs to keep up with the other races.
  • Add-ons to your troop producing buildings allows you to decide which units are important
  • Walling off choke points is simple with the Supply Depot's raising and lowering ability. This wall off is a fundamental Starcraft 1 and Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy.

Terran Strategies in Starcraft Broodwar vs Starcraft 2

  • Marines no longer get the U-238 shells upgrade and it is instead baked in to the unit. In addition, they can now get a new upgrade called Combat Shields which increases their health by 10.
  • Firebats have been removed and the Marauder has been put in its place. The Marauder is a very strong unit which can take advantage of the Stim Pack ability to cause heavy damage at a much longer range. It does not, however, deal splash damage.
  • Medics have been removed and the Medivac has been put in its place. The Medivac is a flying unit which fulfills the roles of both the Medic and Dropship from Brood War. They are much easier to maneuver than ground medics but are also easier for your opponent to focus fire. This allows Starcraft 2 Terran Strategies to be very aggressive with medivac drops.
  • Drop ships removed, see above
  • Seige Tanks have been given smart firing AI meaning your cluster of siege tanks will no longer all unload on a single Zergling. This has made them very powerful in TvZ and TvT, almost to the point of being a necessity. They now take 4 seconds to switch between modes.
  • Vultures have been replaced by Hellions. Hellions shoot a line of fire which deals damage to anything it passes through with a significant bonus against light targets. This makes them very effective harass units.
  • Science Vessel removed and Raven added. The Raven fulfills the role of a flying, mobile detector with very different abilities from its Brood War counterpart. The Ravens auto turret can be used to harass enemy expansions without losing any minerals of your own. The Raven's Point Defense Drone is a very powerful skill against any ranged unit. The drone will protect all units in its range from missile attacks until it runs out of energy. Finally, it features a seeker missile which does splash damage and chases its target.

With all these changes from Starcraft 1, it is hard to say which Starcraft 2 Terran strategy works the best. As blizzard balances each race with new patches, we will start to see different strategic play styles of Terran. Whether a Terran player wants to be aggressive or defensive, there are plenty of abilities, units and buildings to fulfill both. Also, thanks to Moderas for typing this up.