Reaper Kiting

How to kite units using your Reapers, their fast speed and ledges.

Difficulty Rank:



When to Use:


Featured Units:

Early game - harassment   Reaper is used for this strategies

[What to do]

Kiting can be effective against zealots, workers or Zerglings. Because they are fast and have a range of 4, it is possible to attack then move back kiting before the come close.

[Tips for Pulling This Off]

While the Reaper is firing, you can already order it to retreat. This will make sure that the reaper retreat the fastest.

Good vs. These Races / Strategies:


Bad vs. These Races / Strategies:

Kiting is effective if enemy doesn't counter Reapers properly. Reapers can do very well against Zerglings, zealots and workers.   Reaper kiting fails to Stalkers, Marauders and speed upgraded Zerglings.

What to do in Success:


What to do in Failure:

After defeating the kited unit, aim for the workers for more damage   If reapers are hard countered by units like Marauders, Stalkers or upgraded Zerglings. Tech switch is the best option.


  • [Jet Pack]

    Jet Pack is an ability of reaper-kiting Allows Reaper's to jump up and down cliffs.
    Type: Passive

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