Reaper Harassment

Specific Harassment techniques for Reapers that are designed to dominate and frustrate your opponent. How to maximize ledges and jumping in StarCraft 2.

Difficulty Rank:



When to Use:


Featured Units:

When you are attacking an enemies base with few early units.   Reaper is used for this strategies

[What to do]

Kite the unit or do a 'ring around the rosy.' Also, do a hill check before jumping up.

[Tips for Pulling This Off]

- Check the ledge by moving your Reaper under it before jumping, this avoids getting shot while on your way up and again when you finish your jump.- Kite enemy units by attacking ground then moving away in fast order.- If you have one Reaper being chased have the other reapers stand and shoot while the first Reaper is chased.

Good vs. These Races / Strategies:


Bad vs. These Races / Strategies:

This is great vs. opponents early in the game and when they have a poorly, if at all, defended base.   This is bad if your opponents have Stalkers, Roaches or Marauders - or any other later tier unit with ranged attacks.

What to do in Success:


What to do in Failure:

- Continue harassing the enemy.- Start attacking the enemy structures as Reapers do heavy damage to them.- Switch tech to normal units and push on the weakened enemy base.   - Switch tech to a normal strategy and D up as your opponent likely has a slight advantage.- Utilize your remaining Reapers for scouting the map and leveraging ledges to scout, stay safe and potentially pick off units.


  • [Jet Pack]

    Jet Pack is an ability of reaper-harassment Allows Reaper's to jump up and down cliffs.
    Type: Passive

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