Ghost Nuking

How to properly place a Nuke so your ghost isn't detected yet you inflict maximum pain. StarCraft 2 tips on Nuking.

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When to Use:


Featured Units:

Whenever you want to nuke.   Ghost is used for this strategies

[What to do]

Nuke from a far enough distance away that Static base defenses and standing defenses can't pick you off. Also, stand where your less likely to be seen.

[Tips for Pulling This Off]

- Scout the area beforehand with a scanner or the cloaked Ghost to get a read on where to nuke from and what to nuke.- Drop a nuke from an angle or corner that is less expected.- Make sure your nuke is going to hit important targets. Weaken a blockade, take out some key pylons or cannons, force Probes/Drones off the line, etc.

Good vs. These Races / Strategies:


Bad vs. These Races / Strategies:

This is great whenever you want to nuke.   This is not good if your opponent has lots of scanners and quick reacting units to take out your ghosts.

What to do in Success:


What to do in Failure:

- Follow up with a second nuke or bring in some units to help take out the weakened structures.- Nuke another location or make other attacks to distract your enemy. Nukes create a lot of chaos for your opponent.- Use your ghost to snipe or just shoot remaining enemies.- Get your ghost out before he's caught, they are expensive.   - If your Ghost dies, go back to the drawing board, assess where you nuked from and maybe nuke from farther away or a different angle.


  • [Sniper round]

    Hotkey: (R)
    Sniper round is an ability of ghost-nuking A careful shot dealing 45 damage. Ignores armor.
    Type: Command
    Damage: 45
    Range: 20
  • [Cloak]

    Hotkey: (C)
    Cloak is an ability of ghost-nuking Cloaks the Ghost, preventing enemy units from seeing or attack it. A cloaked unit will only be revealed by detector units or effects. Drains .9energy per second
    Type: Command
    Requires: Ghost Academy
  • [Tactical Nuke]

    Hotkey: (N)
    Tactical Nuke is an ability of ghost-nuking Calls down a Nuclear Strike with a radius of 8 at a target location. Nukes take 20 seconds to land.
    Type: Channeled
    Requires: Ghost Academy
    Damage: 300 (+200 vs buildings)
    Range: 10
    Radius: 8
  • [EMP Round]

    Hotkey: (E)
    EMP Round is an ability of ghost-nuking Creates an electromagnetic pulse that does 100 damage to shields and drains all energy from units in a targeted area. Cloaked units hit by EMP are revealed for a short time.
    Type: Command
    Requires: EMP Round
    Damage: Destroy 100 shields and all energy
    Range: 10
    Radius: 2

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