Bunkering your opponents Expansion

How to properly bunker your opponents expansion and limit them to one base. Bunkering an opponents early expansion can be devastating and game changing in StarCraft 2, time it wisely.

Difficulty Rank:



When to Use:


Featured Units:

To block off an opponents expansion early in the game.   Reaper is used for this strategies Marine is used for this strategies Marauder is used for this strategies

[What to do]

Build a bunker near or right outside of your opponents expansion.

[Tips for Pulling This Off]

- Send an SCV over early to scout if the enemy is expanding or not.- Build the bunker outside of the sight range of the building being constructed but with a maximum range of 5 from the building (particularly good vs. Hatcheries).- Get a unit over to the bunker ASAP to load in it.- Have an SCV standing by to repair it if it is countered.

Good vs. These Races / Strategies:


Bad vs. These Races / Strategies:

Particularly good vs. Zerg who may not be able to spot the bunker and are likely to early expand.   This is bad if your opponent is not expanding or going air as it can be a waste of your minerals/time.

What to do in Success:


What to do in Failure:

- Continue to hold the position and stuff your opponent into their base.- Expand as you likely have map control and freedom to move for a little.- Watch for your opponent to expand to different locations.   - Salvage your bunker and escape with whatever units you can.

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