Auto-Turret Harass

How to effectively harass your opponents using Ravens and their Auto-Turrets. StarCraft 2's new auto-turrets allow for Ravens to harass worker lines.

Difficulty Rank:



When to Use:


Featured Units:

When your opponent has minimal defense behind their mineral line   Raven is used for this strategies

[What to do]

Drop an auto-turret (or a few) behind or in your opponent's mineral line to wreak havoc on their workers.

[Tips for Pulling This Off]

- Go in unnoticed and away from troops and defensive structures.- Drop your auto-turrets in range of their structures and SCV's, but in a hard to reach location for their troops.- Get out before your Raven can get picked off by any air-to-air units.

Good vs. These Races / Strategies:


Bad vs. These Races / Strategies:

This is great whenever your opponent has limited or no defense behind their mineral lines.   This is bad when there is defense or troops behind their mineral line, especially if it can take out your Raven.

What to do in Success:


What to do in Failure:

- Continue to other enemy bases to harass them.- Continue to build your army utilizing your economic advantage.- Attack at other locations on the map to utilize your diversion.   - Get your Raven(s) out before it/they die.


  • [Build Auto-Turret]

    Hotkey: (T)
    Build Auto-Turret is an ability of auto-turret-harass Automated defensive turret. Times out after 180 seconds.
    Type: Command
    Duration: Duration: cost of the research ability180
  • [Detector]

    Detector is an ability of auto-turret-harass This unit can detect cloaked, burrowed, or hallucinated units.
    Type: Passive
  • [Seeker Missile]

    Hotkey: (R)
    Seeker Missile is an ability of auto-turret-harass Missile that chases its target. Missile has enough fuel for 15 seconds. Missile deals up to 100 area damage.
    Type: Command
    Requires: Starport, Tech Lab
    Damage: 100
    Range: 6
  • [Build Point Defense Drone]

    Hotkey: (D)
    Build Point Defense Drone is an ability of auto-turret-harass Uses a laser to shoot down enemy missiles. Cannot target special attacks. Times out after 180 seconds.
    Type: Command

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