Starcraft 2 Strategy

Starcraft 2 Strategy

General Strategies and Tips

Although each of the races in StarCraft 2 differ greatly there are some general themes across them that every player can take advantage of. The general tips for where and how to fight, how to create chokes and hold them and how to harass players early in the game are the same for everyone and are shared here. If you want to know general strategies and tips to improve your play, look no further than the tips below.


Moving Drop for Medivac, Overlord and Warp-prism Strategy
Strategy for Moving Drop for

How to drop units while under fire to ensure you drop all of your...

Harass SCVs Constructing Buildings Strategy
Strategy for Harass SCVs Constructing

How to harass your Terran opponent early in the game to set them...

Rock Destruction Surprise Attacks Strategy
Strategy for Rock Destruction

Destroying Rocks near your enemies base to surprise attack them....

Ramp Blocking Strategy
Strategy for Ramp Blocking

How to effectively block or defend a ramp using your units and...

Open Ground Fighting Strategy
Strategy for Open Ground Fighting

How to fight properly on open ground in StarCraft 2, making the...

Using Terrain to your advantage with Pillars and Rocks Strategy
Strategy for Using Terrain to

How to use StarCraft 2's new terrain features like rocks, pillars,...

Using Terrain to your advantage with Bridges and Valleys Strategy
Strategy for Using Terrain to

How to use StarCraft 2's Bridges, Valleys and Ramps to your advantage....