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Starcraft 2 Zerg

starcraft 2 zerg

Starcraft 2 Zerg has been changed dramtically compared to Brood war, a few units are removed like lurkers and devours. However with the new addition of Zerg units, they are still very powerful in swarms. In this article, I will go over Zerg units, buildings, build orders and strategies for the new Starcraft 2 race, Zerg.

[Starcraft 2 Zerg Unit]

Zerg units are the most expendable units in the game.  Zerg units are created quickly, they’re relatively cheap and they are highly aggressive.  Zerg units require positioning, speed, creep and/or numbers to be used to their best ability.  The Zerg’s strength is that their units are fast and expendable, much like in Starcraft: Brood Wars, but in StarCraft 2 they require more and are more flexible.  In StarCraft 2 creep can speed up all of your ground units and make a dramatic difference in terms of flanking, vision and retreating options.  Also, the Queen in StarCraft 2 is brand new and has the ability to spawn larvae increasing your production capabilities or to spread creep, speeding up your units and creating vision for you.  These aspects are some of the most important to a Zerg units ability to control the map, and the game for the Zerg Commanders and the Queen is an essential part of this.

Like in Starcraft the original Zerg units have the ability to burrow and un-burrow becoming invisible by burrowing.  This feature is taken to the next level in StarCraft 2 with all ground units retaining the ability to burrow, but the Infestor and Roach (with upgrade) are able to move whilst burrowed – creating more dynamic attacking and harassing options for Zerg players.

In the end, Zerg players must watch out as their cheap costing units are fast and highly effective in the right positions, but highly susceptible to getting beat in chokes and being on the wrong side of the positioning war.  Make sure you fight on open terrain and get a surround as often as possible when using your Zerg units.  The range limitations of the Zerg army are their biggest detriment, but their speed and flexibility is their greatest strength.

[Starcraft 2 Zerg Building]

Zerg buildings have the greatest limitations of all of the races.  All zerg buildings except for the Hatchery and Extractor are required to be built on Creep.  Creep is the oozing ground covering that spews from Hatcheries, Overlords and Creep Tumors.  While creep can be great for unit speed, it is a detriment to placing your structures as you will need to actively use Creep tumors, Overlords spawn creep ability (available with Lair upgrade) or building new Hatcheries to spread your Zerg Creep.  Zerg also has several advantages with this creep too though.  All Zerg buildings will slowly heal over time while on creep (they will slowly die if off creep).  Also, Zerg defensive structures, the Spine Crawler and the Spore Crawler, can both be moved at will by burrowing and un-burrowing, allowing you to use them for offensive pushes, to defend chokes, or to place at further and further bases. 

[Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order]

Zerg build orders come in the form of the fastest attack by land, to the fastest attack by air, a fast expo (before building anything else) and back to standard builds.  The Zerg player has a lot of flexibility in terms of teching, super fast rushes, early strong pushes and great mid game macro which is what Zerg is traditionally known for.  Zerg players can have very different play styles that match all of these separate build orders but what all Zerg build orders do have is a little bit of chaos in them.  You are always trying to attack, expand, and micro your units in an intense fashion to get your victory.  Whether it’s a 6 pool, a 6 minute muta or a mass hydra/roach you will have the opportunity to be moving units and micro’ing and macro’ing the entire game.

[Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy]

Zerg strategies involve being very aggressive on all aspects of the game.  You want to aggressively expand, aggressively attack and scout their expansions and aggressively building troops.  A zerg commander is best who can do a lot of different things at once as you will have tons of units to control.  If you want to really micro your units individually and do tricky strategies, zerg may not be the best race for you.  Typically, Zerg is about a lot of macro play where you have to build large armies, have large fights and control a lot of things at once.  Lastly, as a zerg player you have to be willing to sacrifice.  You can have huge production capabilities and you have cheap units, sacrificing a small or moderate amount of units for a better battle position is a move that all zerg commanders have to be able to deal with.  Go now, leader of the swarm and dominate your fragile Terran and Egotistical Protoss Opponents!

Check out each Starcraft 2 Zerg sections already. Go to the build order section first to pick out a good zerg BO. Understand why the BO is effective. Then go to the Zerg strategies section to understand some tactics and tutorials on how to own!

[Starcraft 2 Zerg Storyline]

Zerg was actually the descent of the Xel Naga's. The are the form while protoss the the essence. Supposely, the two races suppose to join together to form the next supreme being ( The next generation of the Xel Naga's) However, another force is trying to stop this making the Zergs crazy; Taking over everything close to the planet Char.