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StarCraft 2: Storyline of The Zerg’s Evolution

starcraft 2 zerg

Unlike the Protoss and the Terran who relied heavily on technology to enhance their combat abilities, the Zerg from the start has relied heavily on evolution. Their ability to adapt to any environment and reproduce rapidly proved to be their major asset. Their lack of individual thought was never an obstacle to their war with the more advanced races of Terran and Protoss.

The Zerg were once a race enslaved by the Xel Naga. They were manipulated and used by the Xel Naga against their various enemies. Modifying the Zerg’s natural destructive instinct and altering their evolution and reproduction strains, they turned them into a mindless weapon bent for destruction. To control such a weapon, the Xel Naga created the Overmind, a single being that acts as the main Zerg brain. This allows the Xel Naga to control all their mindless weapon of mass destruction.

The Xel Naga remained unchallenged for generations with the Overmind acting as their lap dog. The Ovemind was created with a mind capable of individual thought but not free will. Though the generations that passed though, the Xel Naga’s powers withered and their civilization mysteriously lost. The tormented mind of the Overmind was freed at last from generations of slavery. Bent on avenging his brethren from the generations of torture, he turned his attention to the direct descendants of the Xel Naga, the Protoss.

For years, the Zerg searched the vast reaches of space to find the Protoss, devastating and infesting other planets in their wake. In the Swarms’ attack on one of a Terran colonized planet, the Overmind discovered an uncultivated but powerful potential in Sarah Kerrigan, a terran ghost. The Overmind tried to capture her and finally succeeded during the scourge of Tarsonis. The Overmind brought Kerrigan to the Zerg homeworld of Char to cultivate her untapped potential. Kerrigan was followed by Jim Raynor who tries to cure her infestation. Raynor failed with Kerrigan reborn as the Queen of Blades.

The Protoss then finally made a move against the Overmind. Led by Tassadar and Raynor, the Protoss only managed to weaken the Overmind. The Overmind then found where the homeworld of the Protoss is by the essence he placed upon the Dark Templar Zeratul. The Zerg invaded Aiur, devastated the Protoss but eventually resulted to the death of the Overmind due to Tassadar’s ultimate sacrifice.

The Queen of Blades was freed from the Overmind influence and tried to place the scattered Zerg swarm under her control. But this was deemed impossible if the Cerabrates, a part of the Overmind capable of individual thought still exist. Kerrigan went after the Cerebrates who followed the remnants of the Protoss to Shakuras.

Upon reaching Shakuras, Kerrigan made an alliance with Zeratul and Raynor, helping them fend off the Zerg while deceiving Zeratul into killing off the last of the Cerebrates. With the Cerebrates gone, Kerrigan can now finally unite the Zerg under her rule. With The Queen of Blades ruling over the Zerg, she now faces the Terran Empire ruled by Emperor Arcturus Mengsk to exact her revenge to what happened at Tarsonis.

Now Kerrigan drifts in the midst of the vast expanse of outer space amassing her Swarm, waiting for the opportune moment to strike that devastating blow against those who betrayed her. The fate of the Zerg lies on her grasps–a ruthless queen blending in the shadows of her dark nature awaiting the perfect time to strike down her opponents for the sake of her beloved race.  Will she lead them to extinction or to dominance over the galaxy? Her Zerg legacy will further be told in the next sequel of the award-winning game of StarCraft.