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StarCraft 2: The History of the Terran Dominion

starcraft 2 terran

The Terran race is the remains of a colonization expedition launched by the main Human Dominion based on earth several centuries ago. This expedition was composed mainly of scoundrels, outcasts, and all those individuals that the human dominion thought of as expendable. The purpose of the expedition is to expand the outreaches of the human dominion. The expedition failed but the remains of the colonization project was able to settle in the Koprulu sector. They were able to create three separate factions called the Confederacy, the Kel-Morian Combine, and the Umojan Protectorate. These three became the main clusters of the Terran colonies in the Koprulu sector.

An uneasy relationship between these three factions was forged. They competed for land and resources. The human trait of avarice and their tendency for self-destruction could not be contained and so the conflicts between the three main Terran clusters eventually led to open war. This war was called the Guild Wars wherein the Terran campaign's main hero, James Raynor, first made his appearance.

James or Jim Raynor was a new recruit for the Confederate forces. He proved his prowess in war through the battles he won during the Confederacy-Kel-Morian Guild Wars. Together with his partner, Tychus Findlay, he led his 321st Colonial Raiders Battalion Heaven's Devils towards the end of the war.

In a military mission in Turaxis II, Raynor and Findlay were accused of manslaughter through friendly fire. Though their military commanders were at fault, they fled the Confederate Military for they knew that a fair trial for mere soldiers such as they won't ever happen. They lived as outlaws but Tychus Findlay was captured soon after. Raynor evaded capture and mysteriously found a job as a field marshall in Mar Sara.

During one of his patrols, Raynor met Sarah Kerrigan and Arturus Mengsk. He later found out that the confederates are trying to manipulate the Zerg for their own purpose. Mengsk, Kerrigan and Raynor led the Sons of Korhall, an anti-confederate rebel group, to overthrow the Confederacy. At the planet Tarsonis, Mengsk betrayed Raynor and used the psi emitters to lure the Zerg to the confederates, while Kerrigan still in Tarsonis was left to be abducted by the Zerg. Mengsk and his Sons of Korhall overthrew the Confederates but build a more corrupt Terran Dominion in its place, with Mengsk as the Emperor.

Raynor fled the Sons of Korhall in search for Kerrigan. He ended up in Char where he met the Protoss Tassadar and Kerrigan, now as the newly born Queen of Blades. Raynor followed Tassadar in his quest to kill the Overmind and ended up in Aiur. Tassadar sacrificed himself to kill the Overmind. With Aiur in ruins, the last remnants of the Protoss led by Zeratul and Raynor's Raiders went to Shakuras in exile.

Raynor was bent on searching for the Queen of Blades in the hopes of curing her of the infestation. He is also prepared to kill her if deemed necessary. Mengsk ruled as the sole ruler of the Terran Dominion and continued the mad experiments with the Zerg. Raynor prepares his men to finding Kerrigan and overthrowing the corrupted emperor of the newly founded Terran Dominion. What is to become of this predicament? The history will soon unfold in the next chapters of the new sequel of StarCraft, StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. In a way, isn't the title of the sequel giving away too much of what can experienced when you play the game? Hmm . . . nope . . . I guess not as story lines can always turn around for the worse or for the better depending on how you– the player want the game to be.