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StarCraft 2: Where Its Storyline Began

Want to play StarCraft 2 Terran: Wings of Liberty but haven’t really played the prequels of StarCraft? You are missing a lot of the juicy parts of the epic storyline of the StarCraft series. The storyline of starcraft, in my opinion if not the best of the games I played, is one of the most interesting.

The story began with Jim Raynor, a field marshall out on a patrol where strange creatures began to appear and terrorize a nearby Terran settlement. These creatures seem to have destruction as its primary instinct, preying on everything and everyone. His investigations led him to meet Kerrigan, a Terran ghost who works for a rebellious team led by Arcturus Mengzk. They later knew the creatures as Zergs and the confederate forces are experimenting on them.

Terran ghosts possess immense psychic abilities that enable them to cloak or even read people’s minds. Kerrigan is one such person which took the attention of the Overmind, the Zerg’s “Brain”. With this “brain”, the Zergs are capable of acting as a group. The Overmind discovered that Kerrigan possess the capabilities of a cerebrate, enabling control of a Zerg’s mind. Kerrigan was then captured and infested and became the queen of blades, the powerful brainwashed daughter of the Overmind. The Zerg wreaked havoc around the galaxy and has almost forced the extinction of the Terran and Protoss races.

The Zerg in Starcraft 2 didn’t just popped out of the earth and suddenly wreaked havoc; they were created by an advanced civilization for the sole purpose of eradicating wars. The Protoss were responsible for the existence of the Zerg. The ancients created the Zerg and used them to eradicate those who oppose them with the Overmind to control the mindless creatures. But in a freak accident, the Overmind became self aware and led the Zerg to destroy the Protoss and the Terran. In spite of various attempts to destroy the Overmind, The Terran and the Protoss forces failed to destroy it completely. It was later known that only the powers of a templar can utterly destroy the master of the Zerg.

The last of the Terran forces under the command of Jim Raynor and the Protoss forces led by the High Templar Tassadar led an attack to destroy the Overmind, which is located in the Protoss home world of Aiur. With the forces of the Overmind weakened, Tassadar conjured all his psionic powers and crashed his ship on the Overmind, eradicating all living creature with its range.

The Zerg, now devoid of its brain, scattered and scourged the last remnants of civilization in Aiur to ruin. The Terran forces injured and exhausted, the Protoss forces running in exile from their own home land, and Kerrigan, now free from the hold of the Overmind, trying to unite what is left of her Zerg brethren.

Zeratul was a Protoss hero in Starcraft Brood War, a Dark Templar who fought side by side on equal terms with the high templar Tassadar, then led the remains of the Terran and the Protoss forces into the homeworld of the Dark Templars to avoid the conflict with the Zerg. While Kerrigan was left to reunite the Zerg with her powers and destroy what little remains of the Terran and Protoss left in her newly formed kingdom.