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Starcraft 2 Protoss

Beginner Starcraft 2 Protoss Strategy Guide


Beginner Protoss Guide

Protoss vs Protoss

Protoss vs Terran

Protoss vs Zerg

starcraft 2 protoss

Protoss in Starcraft 2 has many cool new units and strategies with interesting game mechanics. In addition, many staple units and abilities of the Protoss in Brood War still exist. This makes Protoss a nice balance between the two games where BW fans can adapt to this new game without a problem. In this overview guide of the protoss, I will be going over Protoss units, buildings, build orders and strategies in Starcraft 2.

[Starcraft 2 Protoss Units]

Protoss are known to be the most technologically advanced race out of the three. They have psionic units (high templars) which has powerful magical abilities capable of wiping out enemy troops in seconds. Protoss units are also known to have the most hit points. A perfect example is the zealot, it has 150 hitpoint for a tier 1 fighter. Zerg and Terran don’t even compare with the amount of hit points the zealot has. One special feature of the protoss unit is that they are summoned. With the research of warp gates, you can summon any gateway protoss troops in pylon power in a few seconds. Talking about powerful technology. Down the tech-path, Stalkers can learn to blink which is very powerful.

[Starcraft 2 Protoss Building]

Protoss Buildings in Starcraft 2 has some cool features of its own. The buildings are not built but summoned. This is an interesting concept from Brood War because the worker (probe) does not need to be there after building it. Unlike Zerg and Terran, you either lose the worker or have to be there, Protoss buildings does not need any maintenance. This advantage allows the Protoss to easily place pylons and proxy tech buildings around the map. A really popular proxy rush is the void ray rush. Another interesting tech tree difference of the Protoss is that once you finish Cybernetics core, you are allowed to tech for Psionic, Air or Robotics buildings unlike the other two races.

[Starcraft 2 Protoss Build Orders]

The build orders for Protoss is fairly similar. Aside from not needing a probe to build a building, there is not much discrepancy between the races. One thing that is different is the building placement of Protoss buildings. Because warpgates can summon units anywhere. Protoss player often place warpgates at choke locations as a build order to stop harassment like a Zergling harass. Protoss build orders are usually pretty straight forward until you get to advanced buildings. The Cybernetics core definitely opens up the possibly for all kinds of build orders. The standard Protoss build order opening is very common in Starcraft 2.

[Starcraft 2 Protoss Strategy]

Although Terran is a defensive race; they can still be very aggressive. The famous SCV rush is still feasible. In addition, Terran has reaper and hellion harassment as for their early to mid game strategy. Terran is a race that has counters to anything that the enemy throws at them. The problem is that the player needs to scout it coming for the counter to work properly. Many Terran strategies revolve around hard countering the enemy. A Thor drop strategy can counter fast teching by the Zerg. A siege tank marine push can straight up decimate an early Protoss player.

I recommend you guys go over each Starcraft 2 Protoss Section in that order. Get familiar with each unit and buildings. From there, focus on understanding the strategies and build orders and why they work well.

[Starcraft 2 Protoss Storyline]

The Protoss was suppose to be the essence race of the Xel Naga's. They are the oldest race out of the three. Their advanced technology and telepathic powers allows them to communicate without speech.