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Starcraft 2: The Protoss Legacy

starcraft 2 protoss

History of the Protoss race in Starcraft 2: The Protoss is the direct descendants of the Xel Naga. They have remained hidden through the millennia that passed. Their irod-clad philosophy has kept them away from the conflicts of the other races. They are capable of conjuring electrical storms that devastates their enemies. They were once believed to be the most powerful race in this part of the galaxy, boasting an arsenal of advanced weaponry and psionic abilities. The Protoss have always relied on technology and robotics to bolster their numbers and combat abilities.

For years they remained unchallenged until the Zerg suddenly emerged and brought devastation to the galaxy. The Protoss launched its mighty fleet against the Zerg, purging every planet of the Zerg infestation by eradicating all forms of life on those planets. Countless worlds have been infested and destroyed by the conflicts between the Protoss and the Zerg. The Protoss later known that the Zerg was controlled by a single ultimate being called the Overmind.

In the attempts to pacify the Zerg once and for all, the Protoss led by the High Templar Tassarar launched an invasion force to the volcanic planet of Char, the Zerg's homeworld. Tassadar then met the Terran commander Jim Raynor who was searching for the Queen of Blades. Impressed by Raynor's heroism and honesty, Tassadar formed an alliance with Raynor. They launched an assault to the Overmind but their conventional weaponry wasn't able to destroy the Overmind.

After the failed attempt to assassinate the Overmind, Tassadar was summoned back by the Conclave to Aiur. Upon reaching Auir, Tassadar to his surprise met the Dark Templar Zeratul who brings with him great news. Zeratul's knowledge holds the last piece to the puzzle that prevented Tassadar and Raynor from killing the Overmind. Zeratul was the first to kill a Cerebrate which was once thought of as immortal, just like the Overmind. He discovered that only the powers of a Templar can kill the Overmind.

Unknown to Zeratul, his deed of killing a Cerebrate allowed the Overmind to place a part of his essence in the Dark Templar, allowing him to determine the location of Aiur. The Overmind set on a course to invade the Protoss homeworld while taking advantage of the Civil War. The Overmind landed with the Protoss withered and spent from the civil conflict. The Protoss found themselves on the verge of extinction. Tassadar, Zeratul, and Raynor turned peril to opportunity to finally destroy the Zerg Overmind. Tassadar sacrificed himself, conjuring all his Templar powers and set his ship on a collision course into the Overmind cortex.

The Protoss devastated, Raynor's men spent and injured, and the Zerg scattered, Zeratul led the last remnants of Aiur to the Dark Templar's sanctuary of Shakuras. The Zerg managed to follow them and now Shakuras is about to share the same fate as Aiur. They met Kerrigan which is now released from the Overmind's influence. She helped the Dark Templar against the mindless Zerg while coaxing Zeratul to kill off the Cerebrates. The Protoss, betrayed by Kerrigan, activated an ancient weapon by the Xel Naga, killing off all the Zerg on Shakuras. This in turn devastated the planet as well.

The Protoss are now rejoining the remains of their once great civilization- a tremendously huge expedition to reunite with what is left of their proud race. With Aiur destroyed and Shakuras on the verge of collapse, what is to become of this noble race? Will the Dark and High templar be able to set aside their differences and unite for a common cause? The story of the Protoss will soon unfold as the new sequel to StarCraft 2 is released.