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Starcraft 2 Guide for Terran Protoss and Zerg

Starcraft2 is the sequel to the award-winning Starcraft and Starcraft: Broodwar games for PC developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is a real time strategy game where you can play three different races, each unique on its origins and abilities. The balance of abilities among the three races remains the same as the original game. This has satisfied fans around the world and considered StarCraft2: Wings of Liberty another great success for Blizzard Entertainment.
The game allows you to use any of the three races. The three races are called, Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. Each race has their own buildings and units with their own unique abilities but it never exceeded or denominated the other race in essence. Each race is strong on its specialties that gave StarCraft2 as well as its ancestors, StarCraft and Starcraft: Broodwar, the sort of balance that RTS games should always have.

[Starcraft 2 Terran]

The Terran race in Starcraft 2 is generally an exile from the main human dominion based on earth. They were scattered around the galaxy, wandering the vast stretch of outer space in search for a new place to settle. These humans somehow flourished and have created a confederacy of colonies. Through the generations they stand unopposed, the only enemy they know of is among themselves until that fateful day when Marshall Jim Raynor on a patrol found strange creatures in one of the Terran’s colonized planets.

[Starcraft 2 Zerg]

The Zerg in Starcraft 2 is a race that wreaked havoc in the galaxy, almost eradicating the Terran and the Protoss off the face of the galaxy. Their capability to evolve and adapt to almost all kinds of environment proved to be their main asset as a species. With these abilities also come their destructive capabilities and has terrorized the galaxy recently after their first sighting by Jim Raynor. As few as the survivors who lived to tell their encounter with the Zerg were the people who knows how they came to existence. The Protoss seems to be responsible for their existence and only a few from the ancient race can tell the tale from that one fateful moment in the deep dark chapters of Protoss’ history.

[Starcraft 2 Protoss]

The Protoss race in Starcraft 2 is an alien race that has advanced technology and immense psychic abilities, capable of conjuring electrical storms of colossal proportions. They are an ancient warrior race who somehow managed to hide their presence from the colonial Terrans. Guided by their Councils of High Templars, they have led a peaceful and stable existence. They remained hidden in the galaxy until the disruption caused by an avaricious race called the Zerg. The newcomers’ ability to destroy and to reproduce rapidly proved to be a challenge for the Protoss’ advanced technology and psychic abilities. With their home world of Aiur on the verge of a Zerg infestation, the prowess of the Protoss would now once again prove its worth.

These three races formed the backbone of StarCraft Storyline. They formed a world where war has always been a part of human and alien lives alike. The sequel of the game continued the story where the Brood War expansions pack left, continuing once again the legacy of the Terran, the Protoss and the Zerg in Starcraft.


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