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Starcraft 2 Siege Tank

Siege-tank a Terran unit

In this article, I will be talking about the Siege Tank and its strategies in Starcraft 2. Siege Tank has been a classic Terran unit in Starcraft; the staple of any Terran army. Siege tank in Starcraft 2 has changed quite a bit. I will be going over a briefly the difference and usage between the two games. Then, I will go into the advantages and disadvantages of using Siege Tank and the strategies commonly used.

[Siege Tank from the original Starcraft]

There are a couple Siege Tank changes in Starcraft 2 that are worth motioning. Siege tank in Starcraft 2 has a smaller range in siege mode. They are more expensive; cost 125 gas instead of 100 gas. Keep in mind that gas in Starcraft 2 is more important because higher tech units are exponentially more powerful. Siege tank's damage is now reduced vs armored but increased vs light 50 and 35 respectively in Patch 1.1.

[Advantages of Siege Tanks]

  1. High damage; deals about 25 damage per second in tank mode.
  2. The Siege Tank in Siege Mode has high damage and large radius splash.
  3. On top of the high damage, the range of Siege Tank is longer than most ranged units.

[Disadvntages of Siege Tanks]

  1. Siege Tank cost 150 minerals and 125 gas for a 160 Hit Point unit. That is a very expensive cost to HP ratio.
  2. Siege Tanks are slow; they need setup before the fight to maximize their damage.
  3. Cannot attack air and easily flanked; requires additional troop support at all times.

[Siege Tank Strategy]

Strategy using the Ledge with Siege Tanks

Using the ledge, you can utilize the Siege Tank in many strategies and tactics. Siege Tanks has a range of 13 in siege mode. Most units will be bombarded by your tanks before even seeing the tanks' position. Using the superior range to your advantage, you can push towards the enemy's base with tanks on maps with ledges like Metalopolis and Steppes of War. In addition, put a bunker or two with marines in your forward defense around a strategic position. With this strategy, you can contain your enemy while you gain control of the map and expansions.

Siege Tank range and sight difference

Did you know the range of Siege Tanks is actually greater than the sight? They are 13 and 11 respectively. This means that Siege Tanks can shoot further than they can see. To maximize your strategic position with tanks, you can send a scout marine, float a barracks or have air units to gain the additional sight.

Strategy on Defense

You can use Siege Tanks to fortify a strategic position. Most units have a range of 5 to 6. Siege tanks will almost double the range of ranged units. This means if you put your tanks 6 range behind a ledge, The Siege Tank can fire the crucio shock cannon without retaliation even with sight. Remember, always have support units around the Siege tank because they are fragile and die easily. I like to put up a bunker, a few marines and marauders around it.

That sums it up for Starcraft 2 Siege Tanks. They are tricky to use but can be very effective. Check out some of our siege tank strategy videos below.


  • [repair]

    Hotkey: (R)
    repair is an ability of Repair can be used on Terran structures as well as all units produced from the Factory and the Starport.
    Type: Auto-Cast
    Range: 1
  • [Gather]

    Hotkey: (G)
    Gather is an ability of Gathers minerals and vespene.
    Type: Command
    Range: 1
  • [Build Structure]

    Hotkey: (B)
    Build Structure is an ability of Build Structure is used to construct basic Terran structures. Basic Structures are the pre-requisite for advanced structures as well as some other basic structures.
    Type: Command
  • [Build Advanced Structure]

    Hotkey: (V)
    Build Advanced Structure is an ability of Build Advanced Structure is used to construct advanced structures. These structures require certain basic structures to be built as well as potentially other advanced structures or upgrades.
    Type: Command
    Requires: Barrack
  • [Stimpack]

    Hotkey: (T)
    Stimpack is an ability of Marines and Marauders acquire stimpack ability. Stimpack increases attack and movement speed of the unit at the cost of life. -10 HP / - 20 HP to Marines and Marauders respectively.
    Type: Command
    Requires: Tech Lab
  • [Jet Pack]

    Jet Pack is an ability of Allows Reaper's to jump up and down cliffs.
    Type: Passive
  • [Sniper round]

    Hotkey: (R)
    Sniper round is an ability of A careful shot dealing 45 damage. Ignores armor.
    Type: Command
    Damage: 45
    Range: 20
  • [Cloak]

    Hotkey: (C)
    Cloak is an ability of Cloaks the Ghost, preventing enemy units from seeing or attack it. A cloaked unit will only be revealed by detector units or effects. Drains .9energy per second
    Type: Command
    Requires: Ghost Academy
  • [Tactical Nuke]

    Hotkey: (N)
    Tactical Nuke is an ability of Calls down a Nuclear Strike with a radius of 8 at a target location. Nukes take 20 seconds to land.
    Type: Channeled
    Requires: Ghost Academy
    Damage: 300 (+200 vs buildings)
    Range: 10
    Radius: 8
  • [EMP Round]

    Hotkey: (E)
    EMP Round is an ability of Creates an electromagnetic pulse that does 100 damage to shields and drains all energy from units in a targeted area. Cloaked units hit by EMP are revealed for a short time.
    Type: Command
    Requires: EMP Round
    Damage: Destroy 100 shields and all energy
    Range: 10
    Radius: 2
  • [Siege Mode]

    Hotkey: (E)
    Siege Mode is an ability of Deploys into Siege Mode. In this mode Siege Tanks have a very long range and inflict area damage. Siege Tanks in this mode cannot move or attack targets at close range.
    Type: Command
    Requires: Siege Tech
    Cast Time: 4
  • [Tank Mode]

    Hotkey: (D)
    Tank Mode is an ability of Reverts into Tank Mode. In this mode Siege Tanks can move, but they deal less damage.
    Type: Command
    Cast Time: 4
  • [250mm Strike Cannons]

    Hotkey: (C)
    250mm Strike Cannons is an ability of Fires at a single unit or structure, stunning the target and dealing 500 damage over 6 seconds.
    Type: Channeled
    Requires: 250mm Strike Cannons
    Cast Time: 6
    Damage: 500
    Range: 7
  • [Fighter Mode]

    Hotkey: (E)
    Fighter Mode is an ability of Transforms the Viking into Fighter Mode. In this mode Vikings fly, but they can only attack air targets.
    Type: Command
    Cast Time: 3
  • [Assault Mode]

    Hotkey: (D)
    Assault Mode is an ability of Transforms the Viking to Assault Mode. In this mode Vikings move on the ground and can only attack ground targets.
    Type: Command
    Cast Time: 3

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