Starcraft 2 Reaper

Reaper a Terran unit

The Reaper is a new unit in Starcraft 2 that has many interesting abilities powerful in its own ways. Reaper is the third unit of the Barracks for the Terrans. The unit cost 50 minerals and 50 vespene gas. It also requires the tech lab add-on to build the reaper. Here are some terran advantages and disadvantages using the reaper. Then I will go into strategies for reapers in the strategy section.


  1. Reapers really early can wreck havoc on enemy workers.
  2. Reapers are great units for scouting because they are fast especially with nitro pack and cliff jumping.
  3. Speed of the reaper makes reaper really effective at harassing the enemy base with its fast mobility.


  1. Committing to reapers ( tech lab, nitro pack, and 50 vespene gas each ) will significantly slow down your tech speed for better units mid game.
  2. Transition out of reapers is predictable: marine and marauders build.

[Reaper Strategy]

Early Reaper Harassment Strategy:

With this reaper strategy, you can really do a lot of damage to any race. You start the strategy by building a barracks at 9 then a refinery immediately after that. This will allow you to get a reaper about 30 seconds before a protoss can get a stalker out! This is a huge time window to do seriously economic advantage. Keep getting reapers while harassing. Remember, this requires a lot of practice to micro your reapers, build scvs, and build more troops. Try a few games of this and you can pull this off. Although you will do a lot of damage, you did sacrifice building additional scvs to get that early barracks. This Strategy really depends on your micro to make it effective. Go practice!

Reaper Scouting:

The purpose of this strategy is to allow the Terran player to scout the enemy base without using a scanner sweep. A reaper can jump on and off cliffs, it is a great recon unit for a cheaper price. The cost of a reaper is 50minerals and 50 gas compared to the cost of a scanner sweep which is roughly 270minerals. Reaper is also a GREAT for each aggressive push. Against a protoss, reaper can allow you to have the site advantage for a marauder push. When your marauders get to the bottom of the ramp, run your reaper on the top of the cliff to slow and destroy sentries and stalkers.

Reapers and Bunkers, stop early zerg expansion:

A really effective strategy to stop an early zerg expansion is to get out an early reaper and build a bunker at the zerg expansion. Because the hatchery has a sight range of 1 while it is being morphed, the bunker can be constructed almost next to the hatchery without getting detected. With an early reaper in the bunker, the Zerg player will be forced to cancel the hatchery or lose it. Zerglings are not powerful to stop an early aggressive strategy like this. Keep in mind that a getting an early reaper out and a bunker at their base is not exactly cost effective, make sure you tech up and build units while this is happening.

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