Starcraft 2 Ghost

Ghost a Terran unit

In this ghost strategy article, I will be talking about how to use ghosts in an army composition. Ghost in classic Starcraft had been a unit that wasn't used very often because ghosts are expensive and their abilities are situational. This has changed in Starcraft 2, ghosts has many interesting abilities and strategies. In addition, ghosts can be built faster only needing the barracks with tech-lab and a ghost academy. Furthermore, ghosts come with abilities without any upgrades and nukes are cheaper and easier to obtain. These changes make ghosts a viable for many strategies like Terran bioball, and mech-ghost. Here is a short strategy guide for Starcraft 2 ghost.

[Advantages of ghost]

  1. You can get ghosts really fast, building the ghost academy right after the barracks completes.
  2. Ghosts are excellent counters to basic ground units like zerglings, zealots and marines with their bonus to light damage and the Sniping ability.
  3. Ghosts are excellent counter to mutalisk, their long range with high light damage.
  4. Ghosts removes 100 shields and energy per EMP which hard counters immortal and any energy units.
  5. Nuclear Launch Detected !!!

[Disadvantages of ghost]

  1. Ghosts cost 150 minerals and 150 gas, this is really expensive for a biological unit. Teching and getting other support unit can be difficult with ghost tech.
  2. Ghosts are active units, meaning that they need a lot of micro and attention for them to be effective. EMP, cloak, snipe and nuke abilities are all very powerful, but require using them at the right time.

[Ghost Strategy]

Ghost Sniping Strategy:

Ghost's snipe ability has a range of 10; it allows them to kill biological units before they even get close which only costs 25 energy. Some high level ghost strategies revolve around using the ghost to snipe workers or high cost units such as hydralisk, mustalisks or templars. The key to sniping is to be fast with YOUR FINGER!! If you have a couple of ghosts, you need to manually press the hotkey and click on a unit and repeat per snipe. This requires some micro which takes practice. This strategy is the most effective when you rush for ghosts really fast and attack the enemy early. Because a few ghosts can take out a few units before the battle even starts, you can gain a big advantage in the early game. Try the ghost sniping strategy out. ?

Ghost EMP vs Protoss Strategy:

Ghost's Emp shockwave is one of the most powerful abilities against the Protoss in the Terran arsenal. Removing 100 shield and energy in an area will absolutely cripple a clumped up Protoss army. A well timed EMP before the battle will definitely give you a huge advantage! The EMP requires experience and micro to pull it off correctly. A Terran player needs to know when he has an advantage. Many professional Starcraft 2 players like BratOK uses ghosts as an integral part of their Terran Strategy.

It takes a lot of practice to master ghost strategies since most abilities are active. Starcraft 2 ghosts have improved drastically compared to Starcraft classic; hopefully we get to see more ghost strategies in Starcraft.

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