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GSL May ends and IMNestea is the victor in a land-slide 4-0 victory

In what was possibly the most one-sided of all of the GSL finals IMNestea defeated oGsInca in a quick 4-0 route.

IMNestea showed his fierce understanding of the game, his excellent technical timing builds to counter whatever was thrown at him and his excellent unit composition and timing in taking out Inca in a slaugther.

In other news, the Code S and Code A up and downs have been finished and we have some of the surprises for you: First surprise... no Slayers players made it into Code S. Ryung and MMA both sadly faltered in the up and downs to most people's shock. 

Who is going to be in Code S:

  • MVP_Keen
  • TSL_Trickster 
  • ZeNEXCoCa
  • oGsZenio
  • TSL_Alive
  • ZeNEXByun
  • oGsMC
  • HongUnPrime.WE
  • MarineKingPrime.WE
  • LiquidHuk
  • MVP_violet
  • ZeNEXKyrix
  • IMMVp
  • TSL_Rain
  • ST_Bomber
  • oGsEnsnare

Who is going to be in Code A:

  • NSHoSeo_san
  • LiquidJinro
  • CheckPrime.WE
  • Slayers_Ryung
  • oGsTheWind
  • ST_Rainbow
  • FOXLyn

Check out the team season for GOM coming up soon!

Submitted by OneManZerg on Sat, 2011-05-14 15:39