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GSL Finals - IMNestea vs. oGsInca

The finals for GSL Code S Return this Friday, May 14th. The finals will be between the season 2 champion, IMNestea vs. the newcomer to the Championship, oGsInca.  Oddly, this finals will have the Zerg as the favored player whereas the last finals of MC vs. July had MC favored.  

oGsInca is a very skilled player who took out his teammate oGsNada in 3-0 in his series.  Sadly, Nada a crowd favorite was eliminated from the round of 4 again.

IMNestea played SCfOu and defeated SC in an insane 5 match series that is well worth the watch.  Well known as the best player on team fOu, SCfOu had an incredible GSL Code S run and was literally one battle away from defeating IMNestea but he eventually lost.  IMNestea is a one time champion, captain of team IM and largely referred to as the best Zerg player in the world for his amazing standard Zerg play where it is almost impossible to kill him in all-ins - which is insane as a Zerg player because Protoss and Terran can so easily hide what they are doing.

Tune in this Friday to watch the GSL code S FInals.  Until then, it's the up and down matches on GomTV and we'll keep you updated. =)

Submitted by OneManZerg on Mon, 2011-05-09 19:53