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2011 LG Cinema - World Championship Seoul Semi-Finals

For those that don't know the 2011 LG Cinema World Championship in Seoul featured an amazing best of 15 series between Team Korea and the "World Allstars."  Team Korea featured many prominent korean players including IMNestea, Nada, JulyZerg, oGsMC, MarineKing, and more while the World Allstars featured players like LiquidHuk, LiquidJinro, Fnatic_TT1, WhiteRa and others.  The series went to an amazing game 15 where IMNestea faced off against mTw_Dimaga and Dimaga was slightly outplayed with Nestea securing the championsip for team Korea in the closest possible series.  This was a great experience for all viewing as the matches were amazing and no one expected the World All Stars to take it to a game 15.

After the team play it went into a tournament featuring 16 players, 8 koreans and 8 world all stars.  Now that we are down to the semi-finals only 4 remain - all of them Koreans.

The semi-finals featured:

IMMVP (terran) vs. NSHoSeo-san (Protoss)

oGsMC (protoss) vs. MarineKingPrime.WE (Terran)


in the MVP vs. San matches MVP was able to take a 3-1 series victory.  San went for a few early semi-all-ins and MVP's amazing micro was able to hold them off.  In the 4th and final game it looked like San was ahead but the in the final battle MVP amazingly maneuvered his vikings over the center chasm in Xel'Naga Caverns, avoing stalker fire, while kiting his marauders back minimizing damage taken from the Colossus and landing a prime EMP to weaken shields and energy of San's sentries and templar - an amazing series of micro that took the game from dead even to game over.

MarineKing went down 2-0 on MC after failing in game 1 with a quick relocation to the gold on Metalopolis and getting outright killed while trying to proxy thor rush MC in game 2.  Game 3was on Crevasse and MC did a very well timed proxy void ray + 4 gate zealot rush vs. MarineKing but through some awesome marine micro and 3-4 rax pumping marines MarineKing was able to stabilize and counter push for the win. Game 4 MarineKing did a one base tank/banshee/marine push vs. MC who fast expanded and overpowered MC.  In the final game 5 MC went for some early pressure but MarineKing was able to defend it and had the faster expansion and kept his macro lead from there on out eventually crushing MC's colossus/gateway army with his marine/marauder and viking troops to upset MC and take the series 3-2.

We will be seeing a rematch of the season four GSL finals of MVP and MarineKing on April 9th at 3:10 KST.  Hopefully MarineKing steps up his game from the last finals matchup where MVP compeltely dominated him.

Check out gomtv for all of the match details.  The stream and VOD's are free.  If you have some money to donate to they ask that you donate to support the recent disaster in Japan.

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