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TheUENtv Channel on YouTube Goes Live!

Hello fellow StarCraft 2 fans and gamers!


Today marks an important day for TheUEN.com as we have just launched our YouTube Channel (actually last night, 6/30, but close enough).  We plan to fill this channel with exciting and informative Commentaries, an endless stream of strategies and tactics and the occasional funny or interesting clip from StarCraft 2 games and events.  Go to http://www.youtube.com/user/TheUENtv to see our channel and subscribe to the channel for consistent updates on the StarCraft 2 world.


Our goal here at The UEN is to provide as much gaming insight and entertainment as possible.  If you are consistently getting wrecked by a specific strategy or you just can't seem to make the right compilation of units vs. a specific opponent tell us and we'll make a video, write a strategy post or make a new strategy and tip page to answer your needs. Just make a post on the forum or email us @ admin@theuen.com.


Also, we keep hearing rumors of the much anticipated Beta re-release.  We've heard June 24th, June 27th, July 1st but it keeps changing and who knows if it's just rumors... or if it's something more.  Stay tuned for more info.


Thanks for stopping by,

OneManZerg & ScvRush

Submitted by admin on Sun, 2010-07-11 19:59