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StarCraft 2 New Patch

StarCraft 2 Beta Patch 17 has just been released... It looks like Terran early game gets a bonus and a nerf with the Barracks, Bunker and Reaper coming faster but the Hellion getting a slight range nerf (not too impactful really). Other changes are negligible. Good gaming to you....

Here are the changes:

StarCraft II Beta – Patch 17 (version

Bug Fixes

Many of the following bug fixes were intended for internal testing only, and are now being reverted.

250mm Strike Cannons can no longer deal damage to hidden targets.
Barracks build time decreased from 65 to 60 seconds.
Bunker build time decreased from 40 to 30 seconds.
Canceling morphing Banelings now returns 75% of the cost like other morphing Zerg units.
Hellion range reverted from 6 to 5.
Reaper build time decreased from 45 to 40 seconds.
Zealot build time decreased from 38 to 33 seconds.

Submitted by OneManZerg on Tue, 2010-07-13 23:14