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SC2 Tournaments

Some exciting tournaments are emerging on the e-sports scene for our beloved StarCraft 2.

Check out here:
For Day[9]'s upcoming King of the Beta. This is to be concluded on July 26th/27th which is very curious as the Beta is rumored to be shutting down again in a few days. We will keep you posted on the happenings here.

Also, the Team Liquid site also has a variety of other SC2 tournaments going on, all viewable in their SC 2 Tourney section. One return of the Beta is in it's final showdown matches. It looks like the big names are definitely showcasing their skills in any large tournaments and we aren't seeing as many Little Ones (new guy on the scene as of a few months ago) come out and dominate. Sheth, Qxc and LZGamer are in the semi's and awaiting MoMan and CauthonLuck to see who will reign supreme.

We'll see you on battle.net.

Submitted by OneManZerg on Fri, 2010-07-16 11:26