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Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg TvZ Strategy Guide

starcraft 2 terran

A fight with the Zerg as Terran can be quite hard. Zerg employs speed to take down their enemies and finishing off the game with just the use of basic units. Fighting with a good Zerg player can be a grueling experience but is rewarding as you counter their infamous tactics and ultimately defeat them. How can a Terran beginner who is new in Starcraft 2 compete head-on against an experienced Zerg player?

There are few things to remember when fighting the Zerg if you are using Terran in Starcraft 2. Always be on guard for Zergling rushes and keep your economy stable. Zergling rushes have been used for the old version of StarCraft and still one of the fastest ways to inflict heavy miner loses. This directly hurts their opponents' economy and ultimately results to a defeat within a matter of minutes. A low economy could always mean the doom of a player as you lose precious time and resources while your Zerg nemesis feasts on your SCVs.

To counter the infamous Zergling Rush, you must always try to block of all entry points to your main base. Use your supply depots to wall-in your base and keep those Zerglings outside your base. A fast barracks is also of the utmost importance to be able to kill off the Zerglings feasting on your supply depots.  You can also do a rather bold strategy by doing a "marine rush" neutralizing zergling numbers before they get too many to suppress. This strategy, however, requires rapid creation of buildings and first-tier units on your part as the Terran Commander. For this strategy, you need to bring with you at least 3-4 medics with steam pack abilities to accompany marines. If you get this done early in the game, it will give you ample time to build up and stabilize your own army because this will surely neutralize those pesky zerglings before they  upgrade and turn into banelings which will make it harder for you to handle.

This can hold your base for a short while as a good Zerg player would eventually upgrade their Zerglings to Banelings. An effective Baneling rush will destroy your walls and your entrenched marines in no time. Then they can rush in using speedlings to finish the job. In an event that this happens, you can always lift off your essential buildings like the barracks and the command center and land them off on a safe place but this will just prolong your inevitable end.

A really good way to counter this is by the use of Hellions. As they can move as fast as the Zerglings and can take them down at range, Hellions are very effective against groups of Zerglings and Banelings. Moreover, Hellion attacks do a linear splash damage making them able to take down Zerg rushes within a matter of seconds. Take note, however, that Hellions are produced from factories. An early factory and refinery is essential to successfully counter a Zergling/Baneling Rush.

Another thing to remember if you are fighting against a good Zerg player is his ability to harass your SCVs, whether it may be from air or ground. Zerg can create flyers fast and would try to take out your SCVs to cripple your economy as soon as they are able. Mutalisks are very effective as they can do splash damage to clusters of units. Always keep in mind to ensure the safety of your miners as they are the very back bone of your entire fighting capabilities. A missile turret is advisable to keep Mutalisks at bay.

Later in the game, Zerg can produce the Brood Lords. Brood Lords are the Zerg's long-ranged flyers and can shoot distances that cannot be reached by your Missile Turrets. They can also spawn broodlings that can harass your SCVs at melee. This will devastate your defenses and your miners so always keep a couple of Vikings to shoot down these Brood Lords and a few marines to kill the broodlings.

Playing against the Zerg race is a defensive one but as soon as you are confident in your defense, you can proceed to your MMM and Viking, ghost, and tank combos and finish off the Zerg. Also a huge fleet of Battlecruisers would make the job much easier. With that, an average Terran player can compete head-on with a top Zerg player. It may not be an easy task but mastery over these strategies is essential to effectively win over the Zerg.

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