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Starcraft 2 Terran vs Protoss TvP Strategy Guide

starcraft 2 terran

A Terran vs Protoss match up can be tricky as it requires quite a good deal of work to actually work. In a multiplayer game, Terran and Protoss match-ups are one of the most exciting to watch as these races compete almost equally when it comes to strategies employed for them. But how can someone who just started to play StarCraft 2 and preferred Terran win over the Protoss with ease?

First things you should remember while using Terran: Terran wields some of the weakest first tier units in the game. Even though Terran's tier 1 units can't take much damage, the units produced in a barracks are ranged so you better take advantage of distance to effectively use the Terran. It is almost suicidal to take on Zealots at point blank range as they can take out your marines within seconds. A good way to use this advantage is by applying a decent micro; keep your marines, marauders, and reapers at a distance and take down those Zealots at range.

Another thing you need to remember when using Terran is that a good intel over your enemy is a must. Scouting abilities will be tested here and you should make sure you know how to anticipate what type of attack strategy the enemy will use based on the units created. This will allow you to react to situations faster and more effectively as you try to predict your enemy's movements. Early in the game, you can use SCVs as scouts. Don't worry about an economic delay as you can always call down Mules to substitute for your SCVs. Later in the game, you can use the Orbital Command add-on on your Command Center for scanner weeps for detecting Dark Templars on the field.

As we have mentioned before, Terran units are lightly armored and can only take on little damage. The best way to counter a Zealot rush is for you to wall-in your base using supply depots, blocking the entrance to you base. Then place siege tanks behind the wall. This defensive strategy has been used before in StarCraft 1 and still an effective way to counter Protoss' ground assaults. Within seconds, siege tanks can mow down a squadron of stalkers; coupled it with ghosts for an EMP and you get the ultimate defense for ground assaults. Top it off with missile turrets for an anti-air defense and prevent harassments from Phoenixes.

The MMM combo popularly used in early games consists of Marine, Marauder and Medivac units. It is a very effective combo that can take down both ground and air, regardless of their armor type. Marauders are effective against heavy armored units like Immortals and Stalkers, while marines are effective against light armored units like zealots and phoenixes. Medivacs are there to patch up injuries suffered by Marines and Marauders during a skirmish.

This tactic is best used early in the game but at higher tech levels, the combo of Zealot, Sentry, and Stalkers of the Protoss can effectively take down the basic MMM Terran combo. At this time, it is advisable to switch to Viking, Siege Tank, and Ghost combo. Siege Tanks are effective against any ground unit, even Colossi, provided that the tanks stay at a distance.  A common tactic to counter siege tanks is the use of Immortals. Energy shields use by Immortals can take on the Siege Tanks' fire for quite a while and allows their Zealots ample time to close in for melee. That's when ghosts come in. Ghosts have the ability to use EMP which drains shields and energy of Protoss units. With shields down, Protoss ground units are easy pickings for your tanks, use your Ghosts and Vikings to finish off any Zealots that comes into melee range and also to ward of air harassments.

Constant harassment by heavily fortified siege tanks and taking out Protoss expansions will eventually wear down your opponents. An assault using Battle Cruisers with the help of MMM or Viking, ghost, and siege tank combos will finish off the Protoss in no time. With these strategies at hand, any Terran player can effectively wear down the Protoss and eventually dominate the game.

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