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Starcraft 2 Terran Basic Tutorials and Tactics

starcraft 2 terran

The Terran race can be an invinsible race in multiplayer, provided that you can use its features with great mastery and skill. It offers a wide scope of unit compositions that allows you to play the game offensively, defensively, or both at the same time. During infancy of StarCraft 2, different strategies have already formed during the Beta trials of Blizzard. Now these strategies are dominating the Battle.net right after the launch of the game this last July.

The strategies formed for the Terran race are formulated and based on the basic strategies used before in the old version of StarCraft; the same can be said for the other two races of Zerg and Protoss. The new units and features available for Terran, however, have changed some of the basic strategies used before. The new units can allow the Terran to boost its economy and launch early raids, unlike before when Terran can make do with an early defensive strategy and launch attacks and raids in mid-game. Some of the most basic starting strategies that developed since the beta are as follows:

[Orbital Command Abuse]

The Orbital Command is a Command Center add-on that allows you to call down Mules, a sort of an Improved SCV that can gather 6 times more efficient that a normal SCV. Mules can repair and gather minerals faster but has a timed life of 90 seconds. Use this to boost your economy and for emergency repairs for defensive buildings and mechanical units on the field.

Keeping a well maintained base and assault force allows you to keep your loses in units and buildings at minimum and keeps your economy up. You can muster forces and harass your opponent without running out of resources. So, build the Orbital Command add-on as soon as you are able.

[Aegis Shield]

It is said that a good offense is a good defense, but the Terran race can say otherwise. A good defense can allow you to focus on building up your economy and mustering up your army before you start launching your attacks.

As almost every map of StarCraft 2 for multiplayer as a single entry ramp, it is advisable to build your supply depots around the ramp and block it. This will prevent melee units from penetrating your base and harassing your miners, which can be devastating to your economy. As soon as you block up the ramp, the lesser the possibility is for melee harassment. Bulk up your defense with siege tanks and bunkers and keep your base impenetrable by melees. Supply depots can also raise or lower and may serve as a wall gate, allowing you to send your ground units outside your base when you feel like attacking.

[Morning Raids]

An early raid can cripple your opponent and delay his progress. It is used to gain an economical and time advantage over your opponents which is very essential in early games. The Terran offers units that can do raids during early stages of a game.

The Terran Reaper is used mostly for raiding purposes. Reapers are fast moving and are good for hit and run tactics. They also jump over cliffs and buildings, allowing them to penetrate "wall-ins" and harass your enemies' miners.

[Conclusion to Terran Basics]

It is very important to make sure that your resource gather units like SCV's and mules are well protected. Most likely, your enemies will try to do everything to harass your units to ruin your economy. This is, thus, a very effective strategy in controlling the power of your enemy units. You can also use this strategy for your own units. In this aspect, a well guarded worker unit is essential in creating a good economy and a stable base. These strategies for early parts of a game allow the Terran to keep a stable start to dominate their opponents. A good early start is essential for a successful ending. You can always do offensive strategies later as the game progresses but keeping a well supported home base and economy is crucial in winning the battle. Mastering these Terran strategies could mean you victory over your opponents and ultimately a place in the top lists of Battle.Net.

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