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Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Zerg PvZ Strategy Guide

starcraft 2 protoss

Protoss versus Zerg match-ups are fast games that can end up with the Protoss defeated or the Zerg otherwise. These are games played by outrunning the other early in the game in terms of economy and time advantages and finishing it off by rushes of their own style.

Zergs are the masters of reconnaissance. They can use their Overlords and their ground units to scout the area. The Overlords can fly, giving them a wider vantage point while the basic unit of the Zerg swarm, the Zergling can move fast and has the burrow ability to avoid detection. An experienced Zerg player will always use this to their advantage and will try to deny you a base expansion.

At the start of the game, the Zerg will try to do the infamous Zerg rush, a strategy using fast spawning of Zerglings at the early stages of the game to kill off any miners at an enemy’s base. Protoss buildings are not effective when it comes to wall-ins as gaps between buildings can be passed through by Zerglings. The only way to stop this is to try and build pylons and a Gateway as soon as possible. You can also scout ahead using probes to detect any Zergling rush attempts. Gather up resources for a Zealot and keep training them.

As soon as your probe sees a Zergling, try attacking the Zerglings or try to run away to the other direction to make the player in to thinking that your base is on another part of the map. This usually will prove effective if you manually maneuver your probe to the opposite direction as this will let your opponent think that you are running towards your home base for refuge or protection. If proven effective, this may give you time to bulk up army with Zealots. In a failed attempt to divert the Zerg rush’s attention and you are still on your first Zealot, it is imperative to place your buildings in a wall-in manner first hand but not necessarily near the ramp. You can then place the Zealot between the gaps and be able to fight of the Zerglings one by one. It is like the tactics used by the Spartans at Thermopylae; if you are familiar with Greek battle history-it is an ancient tactic but effective nonetheless. At most, this maneuver can thwart off the first waves of Zerglings and may give you ample of time to muster more Zealots.

In addition, a bunch of Colossus will handle zerglings effectively but make sure you protect them with zealots because they'll die fast from direct attacks by a bunch of zerglings. Immortals can deal with roaches and hyralisks, This is probably a popular combination for the Zerg race. Immortals are very effective in penetrating sturdy armoured units like Roaches. A somewhat difficult to deal with unit of the Zerg race are Infestors. You can neutralize them early on by sending in Void Rays or Phoenices before they can penetrate your base.

The second wave of Zerglings will be larger than the first but you can easily dispatch them with 3 to 4 Zealots. With these forces, it’s now your turn for a counter strike. The Zerg at this time is quite weak when it comes to defense. An average Zerg player that attempts a Zergling rush tends to leave their bases undefended as they try to focus on offense. You can, in turn, rush those using Zealots. Their undefended base would always mean a feast for your Zealots and you will successfully cripple their economy. This could even lead to your victory if the Zerg cannot push you back.

The key to winning a Protoss versus Zerg in a Starcraft 2 match-up is to keep their movements in check and be able to react and decide according to the situation in a matter of seconds. The Zerg is a strong and fast enemy even in an early game stage but with these strategies you can turn the tables and deal devastating counters against them. The Zerg race is a formidable opponent but remember that they are weak when their numbers are controlled and territory kept isolated- it is your decision to make these conditions happen.

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