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Starcraft 2 Protoss Beginner Tutorials and Essentials

starcraft 2 protoss

The Protoss is one of the trickiest race to master. It requires a lot of effort put into micro management. It's adept at both melee and long range combats that can allow any player to do an offensive or defensive strategy. Protoss units are one of the toughest units in the game but can be rendered useless if not properly managed. StarCraft 2 offered a whole lot of strategies for Protoss and already, popular tactics are arising and dominating the world of StarCraft today.

One major advantage of the Protoss over the other two races, the Terran and the Zerg, is the probe's ability to warp multiple buildings and proceed to gathering resources fast. This advantage gives the Protoss an economic and speed advantage early in the game which is very essential in the every multiplayer maps.

The psionic alien race is technologically centered. Many of the common and effective strategies are possible only with early warping of buildings and researching technology. This renders the Protoss a sort of a mid-play race. Although many of the basic tactics of Protoss requires an advanced tech tree to actually bring the strategy to full effect, there are also strategies for an early dominance of the game.

[Zealot Rush]

This is one of the most effective strategies for early gamers. It has been a widely used strategy for StarCraft 1 and it is still effective in StarCraft 2. As Protoss musters one of the toughest early units in the game, one strategy has been developed to exploit this advantage.

By the creation of the 7th probe, try saving minerals for a pylon and focus again in gathering minerals. Create more pylons and add gateways as early as you can and summon around 3 to 4 Zealots as an initial wave for a rush. These Zealots are tough and can withstand damage quite effectively. Send them to enemy miners while you gather up more Zealots. Then send as much Zealots as you can spare to try and finish off your opponent. This is a tried and tested way to cripple opponents and gain the upper hand.

[Chrono Buffup]

The Protoss Nexus offers the Chrono Boost skill, a skill capable of speeding up production, research, and build speeds of a target building by a 50%. This buff lasts for about 20 seconds and costs 25 energy.

This skill can be used in all sorts of strategies. One remarkable way of using this skill to its advantage is using it to boost up probe production. A faster probe production means a faster economy growth, thus giving you the advantage of both time and economy. This can also be used to enhance the Zealot Rush strategy. As time is very essential in every rush tactics, Chrono Boost is essential for such tactics.

Depending on what you are focusing on whether it may be on research, unit production, or building time, Chrono Boost gives you the advantage to execute your strategies fast. This skill is one to be used in its full effect and may lead you to dominate early in the game.


Striving for time and economic advantage is a must for every game battle. A quick resource accumulation and optimal use of your every minute in the game is very crucial that it can instantly turn the tide of the battle. You can take control over a game no matter what your enemy uses as long as you gain the upper hand. If you want to focus on your economy as a tool in winning the game, utilize your macromechanics wisely. Macromechanics like the timewarp that accelerates any production building and make it research anything you're trying to build faster is a very valuable mechanic to execute effective timed attacks in the battlefield. You can make sure of of your economic strength in the game to do suprise attacks with a new technology or to just simply put more units in the battlefield- the decision is yours to make. Your decision will determine your success as the Protoss Commander. The Protoss race is one race that is challenging to master but as soon as you can learn these basic strategies, the rest will follow through and you may someday reach the top of the Battle.Net community.

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