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ftw starcraft commentaries

Starcraft 2: FTW Broadcasting Commentaries


Awall and Danny started Starcraft 2 FTWBroadcasting as a vehicle to combine our two favorite things: Video Games, and working on a project together. We are doing Starcraft 2 Dual Commentaries in HD on You Tube and loving it! We are striving to bring Esports to as many people as possible. We whole-heartedly support the Starcraft Community, and will continue to do so for a long time.

We each pick a player to win at the beginning of each match. This makes our SC2 commentary heated and exciting because we are both emotionally invested in our player winning the game. We love competition, and that's a huge reason why "FTW" is the name of our broadcasting venture. We are always in it "For The Win"!

How did we meet? On the first day of college Awall spotted Danny on the steps of our dorm and asked, "Do you Play Warcraft 3?". We have been best friends ever since.

Awall's plays Protoss, and Danny play Terran and Zerg. We find all of the races to be exciting in their own regard, that's why Blizzard has always been the leader in RTS games. Whether the match-up is TvZ, TvP, TvT, PvZ, PvT, PvP, ZvT, ZvP, or ZvZ... we have to get in on that HOT Starcraft 2 Action!


Strategy for Starcraft 2 - Azz
Strategy for Void Ray - Unit
Strategy for Starcraft 2 - Masq
Strategy for Starcraft 2 - Masq
Strategy for Starcraft 2 - Masq
Strategy for Machine WhiteRa