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Thread: [Official] UEN Community League Season 1 Rules and Information
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      [Official] UEN Community League Season 1 Rules and Information

      UEN Community League To foster and promote the growth of the UEN community and its players.

      The Format
      Group Stage will feature 8 Groups (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H) of 4 players.
      The length of the group stage will be 3-4 weeks. The fourth week will be reserved for tie-breaks (if necessary).
      Players will be seeded into their groups based on their ladder rankings.
      The group stage will be Bo3, and each player will get 2 map vetoes per match-up.
      The winner of each group will advance to the play-offs.
      The play-offs will be a single-elimination tournament style bracket.
      The play-off bracket will look as follows: A vs H, D vs E, C vs F, B vs G.
      The quarter-finals will be Bo3, and the semi-finals and finals will be Bo5.
      Players will be allowed 2 map vetoes in the quarter-finals, and 1 map veto in the semi-finals. There will be no map vetoes in the finals.
      The starting map for each match-up will be determined by the league and the remaining maps will be loser’s choice. A player cannot choose a map that his opponent has vetoed.

      The Maps
      GSL Crevasse*
      GSL Terminus SE*
      MLG Dual Sight*
      MLG Metalopolis
      MLG Shakuras Plateau
      MLG Shattered Temple
      MLG Tal'darim Altar
      MLG Testbug*
      MLG Xel Naga Caverns
      *Changes: Added Crevasse, Terminus, Dual Sight, and Testbug. Removed: Typhon Peaks.

      All MLG maps are published by MLGmaps on NA
      GSL Crevasse is published as GSL Crevasse (Official) by MildCocoA on NA
      GSL Terminus SE is published as GSL Terminus SE by MildCocoA on NA

      The play-week will run for a week beginning at 12:00am PDT Saturday of the given week and ending at 12:00am PDT Saturday of the following week.
      A league schedule will be e-mailed out to all players at the beginning of the league.
      An additional e-mail will be sent at the beginning of each play-week informing players of their weekly match-up.
      Players will be expected to schedule their match with their opponent, play their match, and the winner of the match will submit an e-mail (with results and replays) to the league e-mail ( E-mail must be sent before the end of the play-week (12:00am Saturday of the following week). Preferably, right after the match has been played.
      Only contact league administrators if you are unable to get into contact with your opponent or are having major issues in scheduling your match.
      If a player is unable to play his match-up that week, he will receive a forfeit loss for that match.

      There will be a weekly live broadcast starting at 5PM PDT on Saturdays.
      If players would like to have the opportunity to have some games casted, arrive in The UEN channel on NA before this time. Preference will be given to league match-ups.
      In addition to live matches, specially selected league matches from the previous week will be casted off replay.
      VODs of the matches will be uploaded to YouTube following broadcasts.
      The first live broadcast will be on July 16, 2011 and will be the league kick-off event. As part of the league kick-off event, there will be a special Bo5 show match.

      Replays will be released following each stage of the tournament. Group Stage replays after the group stage has ended, and play-off replays after the play-offs have ended.
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