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Thread: Don't count your eggs till they hatched
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      Don't count your eggs till they hatched

      This is a PvZ where I (P) did a fake expand into 3 gate zealot aggression. I was thinking with all the Protoss in PvZs going into fast expands might as well shake it a little and do some mind games.

      PvZ rage - Starcraft 2 Replays - Starcraft 2 Forum

      Cancelled my cannon and built another gateway. I transitioned into a aggressive zealot push that might be all-inish in his eyes (well I was really planning to expand and keeping with the worker count) <- well I was ahead. I should have expanded sooner but I saw an overlord on my Nat so built stalkers 1st. I was theory-crafting and I had an idea that Protoss can stay a bit longer 1 basing than Zerg so why not be aggressive and force Zerg to be on their toes (building spines and lings) so that I could be with delaying his worker count.

      After my failed push - He assumed that I was pretty much done that I "all-ined" but then came the 2nd push that made him rage.

      Moral of the story: See thread title
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      I think the zerg got out of position and got researches on bad timing.

      When you attacked his spines (near the game's end), his army was out and he didn't see you coming 'cause he didn't let a ling on the tower.

      He had an overlord on your expand, he knew you didn't had one until late.

      He should have got some banes earlier.
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