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Thread: Want a new build
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      Want a new build

      I want to develop an all reactor timing push with 2 rax to start and one fax, one starport, if it is possible off of one base then all the better but 2 base is fine as well. Looking for anyone's input on this, i guessing the push would be anywhere between 6 to 8 min game time, but im not sure.
      please comment below as i wish to raise my ranks out of gold and silver league.

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      Be more specific. What upgrades, what units, against what race. If you go all reactor on all buildings, you're going to have a marine/hellion/medivac combo. Stalkers pretty much hard counter that by itself and Roaches are OK versus those units. Even if the roaches can't kill the medivac directly, it will make you unable to do much damage and the zerg will be able to drone behind this. Also. If you're all reactors, you won't have any upgrades (Blue flame, stim or combat shield). If I had to make myself a build of this genre, i'd do something like this (I'm not terran, It is probably even not possible.)

      1rax, 1 reaper (Harass and scout, adapt.), then marines. combat shield upgrade (Because it doesnt take much time/gas) while making the factory, probably take 2nd gas. Switch factory and barracks add-on, put reactor on barrack. Research blue flame. Make hellions out of factory(No reactor on factory yet), make marines out of barracks, do not make too many add-ons and put down a starport. Once starport is done, switch again, starport and factory, make 1-2 banshees(No cloak), and attack with marines / hellions / banshee.

      TvZ, Marines with combat shield can tank zerglings a little bit longer while your hellions can roast them up with blue flame.
      Banshees can focus fire banelings and roaches.

      1. NEVER SCAN, always MULES. You got a reaper for scouting, keep it alive.
      2. Transition: You can go harass mode or defense mode, depending on the situation.
      For harass you got blue flames hellions and banshees.
      For defense you can switch starport and factory add-on to switch into the normal marine-tank-medivac.

      As an opening if you ever scout a 7 roach rush (with your reaper, always.) or something like that, you can make a bunker and a marauder for defense. If you ever scout the zerg is still on 1 base, you don't need to attack with your marines and your hellions, bunker up, make a CC inside your base and scout/harass with the banshees later on.

      The important is to have a build that you like and that you can perfect. IMO, it would be better if you came with the build by yourself. I already made myself a build and it feels so good when you find cute timings or when stuff lines up. Experiment, young padawan. If you ever come to find something you like and would like to test, add me : Zilmerx . 219


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      if you're going to wait for starport tech, you'll also want to get one of both of: stim and combat shield as well.

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      I think your reactor build is effective with zerg if you Time push / all in him. You need to do a Fast factory with this one and keep on making marines from the rax with no add ons. This compose of marines and hellions only.
      I have tried that with 4 hellions you can start killing him. But it is pretty all in so not a good build.
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