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Thread: Zerg Protoss ZvP Strategy Discussion
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      Aug 2010
      Hey I have been encountering a lot of Phoenix harassment lately, do you have any starts to help me out with that?

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      Remember, it all starts with scouting. Overlords running in, zerglings running in, etc.

      From there, if you see a stargate I would recommend an evo chamber and 2-3 spores at each base - one on each side of the mineral lines. A couple spores plus a Queen can fend off Phoenix and Void Rays pretty well. I typically get a second Queen at each hatch too, or three Queens for two hatches and make sure they are creep linked. Also, if you see a stargate if you aren't already at lair tech you will need to go to lair tech and decide - Mutalisks or Hydralisks. Both work fine, but you need both in good numbers. Also, with Mutalisks you must be careful to not chase Phoenix. You have to play coy. Push in on them, when they run pull back and continue to destroy buildings/troops, when they come back push in on them, repeat. With Hydralisks you just need to have significant numbers. Small numbers will get picked off with graviton beams. Lastly, pull your Overlords back to where you can defend them as soon as you see Phoenix patrolling. The last thing you want is to get supply capped and lose minerals to that.

      After you have your defense pretty set you will want to see how many Phoenix they have. If they have lots of Phoenix you likely have a larger army. Take some map control and continue to scout - but primarily with zerglings to avoid losing more expensive Overlords. Always move out with medium sized armies to to avoid getting picked on with Graviton beams.

      Good luck.

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      sorry if i repeated someone cuz i haven't read any of theses posts but i have been 1v1 my friends just for fun lately and it lets me try things that other wise i wouldnt in fear i would lose a ranked game.
      As zerg i have been putting my overlords at the edges of my base sending one to the back of there's.
      if there not zerg i have been sending them to expos and spilling creep so they cant build an expo.
      later in the game i will put a burrowed ling in every expo so they can't build there and i have site there. it messes with there minds lmao.
      my mindset is to always mess with them.
      another borruw trick i did was influcend from a mlg live stream of dallas where banglings were dropped from the overlords like air bombers
      i thought that was awesome so i thought of my own trick
      bangling land mines.
      i was playing zvz and my army size was very weak compared to my opponent. i thought quick and like a bitch. i got mutas. and banglings such., he had ultras roachs and hydras.
      i placed the banglings in front of my natuarl expo about 14 and sent my mutas out to be a bitch.
      killing drones queens and all his overlords. he was out of food YES!!!
      but when he came in i started pumping lings so i had lings and some brood lords attacking in the front then BAM
      i unborrowed my banglings and they dirrectly hit in the middle of all his units. owning his hydras and left me to knick away at his units.
      it was a base trade so i built 10 random hatches and just wiped him out.
      another tip for xelnaga towers
      put one ling behind the tower and hold pisition and then one ling burrowed so they come kill the lone ling then they leave and i pop another one up!!

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      If you see phoenix comming you know protoss will have a weak ground army as phoenixes are expensive. They are also delaying their robotics which means later colossi if any at all.

      You probably have two bases already by the time he makes his stargate, if not then you really should expand earlier as zerg.
      The best course of action is to get more queens and eventually hydralisk and overlord speed.

      Hydralisk hard counters phoenix. Get attack upgrades and pump hydras and expand again because protoss can't do anything against hydras unless they have colossi or high templars OR a bunch of ground units. You know for a fact that protoss has none of the three I mentioned because he went for phoenix first, thus he can't stop your 2nd expansion.

      From this stage there really isn't much protoss can do once you get your 3rd expansion up. Make sure to check if protoss is expanding and punish him if he is. He can't go phoenix and expand at the same time because he will be completely vulnerable.

      Once you have the phoenix countered by hydras and overlord speed (make sure you spread creep to help the hydras move) and your 3rd base up, it is really difficult for protoss to win.

      I suggest teching to tier 3 after you get your 2nd expansion up so that you can counter him with broodlords or ultralisk just in case he techs to colossi or high templars (hard counter to hydras)

      If you find yourself having a weaker army than protoss it means you did not drone up enough.

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      i unborrowed my banglings and they dirrectly hit in the middle of all his units. owning his hydras and left me to knick away at his units.
      You may already be aware of this, but for those that aren't, you don't need to unburrow banes in order to explode them; simply select and hit the trigger . You can see a fine example of it in my second game against Caz for the league. I think we can both agree, regardless, that banes can be a huge difference-maker though!
      -smagee (#948), GMT -8

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