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Thread: ZvP - Handling 4 gate and 5 gate pressure
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      ZvP - Handling 4 gate and 5 gate pressure

      Hi everyone,

      I've had a few people ask me lately about handling 4 gates and 5 gates when doing 1v1's vs. Protoss as a Zerg player. I think there are a lot of key factors to this and I want to lay them out for you.

      First, is game awareness and scouting:
      - Leave a zergling outside their base (but not in visible range) so that you know when they start to move out. This is key because this is when you will want to build purely attack units as well as potentially build a couple spines.
      - Second, know the timing. a 4 gate push will arrive at your base around the 6:30 second mark. Be prepared for this timing so you know if your scout zergling is killed a little before this time, this is likely what's happening. A 5 gate or 6 gate expand +1 build comes in at around the 10 minute mark and with substantially more troops. These are also hard to prepare for as you can't just build 1 round of troops and be fine, you need to have several rounds of larva worth of army to properly fend it off.
      - Third, control Xel'Naga's and scout the map to look for proxy pylons. Killing proxy pylons will greatly slow down and/or reduce the strength of their attack. be ready to kill them quickly as well as any errant probes before they build those pylons.

      What to do after you survive:
      - Quickly scout the map to see if they are trying to take a third and shut it down.
      - Test their front to see if you can do some damage. Do not commit to this attack though as likely they will have cannons and you just need to back off.
      - Think about taking a third real quick and re-droning any of your lost drones asap. Also, ensure your production is in good order (do you need another hatch? do you need to rebuild your queens?)

      I've uploaded several replays. Some are good performances, others are not as good. All turned out well though

      4 gate on delta quadrant

      5 gate +1 on Xel'Naga

      6 gate fast expand (maybe +1 too)

      If you guys have questions/comments about this please post them below and I will do my best to answer them. =)

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      The real question is: How does someone manage to get 4 warpgates up after a 6 pool? >.>
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      Quote Originally Posted by Moderas View Post
      The real question is: How does someone manage to get 4 warpgates up after a 6 pool? >.>
      Quite easily as probes are IMBA cause they have shields :P but scouting is key for 4-5gate pressure, the big trouble is just balancing drone and army production
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