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Thread: How did I win?
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      How did I win?

      I have a game replay of a 3v3 random game where one of my allies gets killed early and leaves and some how we won this, i am shocked because i didn't scout and i don't think my allies did either, i just did my blind fast tech to Battle Cruiser build. we survived their first push and i was going to counter but my ally spaced so i didn't, then we fended off there second push and finally countered.
      i would like some input on this build and game in general so as to improve my unconventional tactics. i would like to also open this up for others to share stories or replays of their unconventional tactics that worked.

      Here is the link to my replay and please reply

      how did i win? - Starcraft 2 Replays - Starcraft 2 Forum

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      This happens all the time when me and my buddy play 3v3's.

      Most people who play/rush in 3v3s don't understand the late game, some hardly understand the midgame. So, once you survive their beginning assault just build the most perfect counter to what you saw at the beginning of the game and hold out till you get it cause chances are they will never ever transition if it was good enough to kill one person its good enough to kill everyone.

      Leads to some awesome comebacks that make me feel badass tho :]
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