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Thread: probe rushed
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      probe rushed

      30 seconds into game he sent all svc to my base and attacked my probes

      I saw no way to defend this cheese. My probes wiped while trying to fight back

      Better micro is all I can think of to survive


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      Quote Originally Posted by ZoNix

      I saw no way to defend this cheese. My probes wiped while trying to fight back

      Better micro is all I can think of to survive

      Hi Zonix, firstly I would suggest uploading and linking a replay to the forums so we can see what went down. But with a worker rush all in, you have to remember you will be at least 1-2 workers up which means you automatically have the advantage. But a few things you can do without watching the replay:

      Always wait for the surround, if he charges in just run off until you can engage in a way thats helps you, ie he is trying to attack your nexus or you have the opportunity to surround him.

      If a probe is in the red for shields pull back and let him regenerate, SCV's need minerals to repair, and drones dont have as high regen as protoss shields so use this to your advantage.

      Finally where you can keep mining, the more probes you make the easier it will be for you to win.

      I suppose this does come down to micro, however as long as you dont engage to his advantage you should come out on top
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      Usually when a player worker rushes you, you have the adavantage as, you get more mineing time, which can lead to an additional worker, and yes the best way would be to micro your probes, also make sure that you have more probes : scv attacking, so that you if you dont micro,, you will have the damage advantage.
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      protoss is unique in that they can never win a probe rush and never lose to a drone/scv rush.

      If you try to rush with probes, your 8hit probes will always lose to 9hit scvs/drones as you have to force the fight to prevent their mining.

      If you get drone rushed as protoss, simply attack move for a second then run to regen shields. Rinse and repeat to victory as there is no reason to force the fight since your opponent isn't mining.

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