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Thread: Zerg- 2 Gate
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      Alright, i only check the start and i would say you should have kept the hatch up. cause it would take alot of zealots to take it out which won't happen that early. and also your spawning pool will be done soon.

      if i were you i would've kept the hatch building. start producing lings and rally them somewhere hidden in your base until you know you have enough to take out the zealots he sent at you because the zealot won't kill the hatch that early. plus if they focus on killing the FE then you can ling up no problem and also get the first attack on them without them attacking back at your lings if he isn't paying attention. but if your expo does finish early while there attacking it use it larvae and rally it inside your base where the other lings are.
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      I'm just going to clear up what I think the main problem is. You saw aggression when there was none. So, you scouted, but misinterpreted the information.

      Your opponent didn't 2 gate. If he had cancelling your expo would have been the right choice, but in this case it was weaker.

      2 gate is when they have 2 gateways within throwing distance of your main. He just had two gateways up which is what 99.9% of all protoss players start with. I think your mistake was confusing 2 gates as being as aggressive as 2 rax (aka 1 rax main 1 rax proxy: makarax). If you see a player go two gates in their own base before cybo core it probably just means they don't no good builds rather than they are intending to be aggressive.

      2 gates alone are no serious threat to a zerg player even if they are macroing pretty hard.
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