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Thread: Need help dealing with cheese? This is for you!
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      Senior Member Lemanruss's Avatar
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      Oct 2010
      Porto, Portugal
      Really, I agree He had to use the map hax. There is no sense in some camera moves he made that show nothing but fog. even better....he just moved by the side "escaping" to your view without being able to see you because the fog, and right after getting to you nat exp built a pilon without checin yuor position. Doing so, means he could have build the srtuctures, not only away from his abse but also from yours ^^....it was 33% chance if he had no map hax....too weird for a diamond player.....

      Good work beating him up
      add me as your friend...or foe ;)
      LemanRuss #105 :: USA
      LemanRuss #618 :: EU GMT

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      Member McWill's Avatar
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      Sep 2010
      lol well played, it does look a little off.
      just a though, could we maybe get a cheese replay section or can people just upload cheese replays here?

      I think my macro is pretty strong for highish platinum but i'm so bad at dealing with cheese/1base all-in's/ and all-in proxy's. It accounts for about 80% of my losses and I would really appreciate more replays of people stopping it

      McWill 243 - EU

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