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Thread: ZvZ Bronze Rushing problems :(
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      we are talking about bronze right???

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      Quote Originally Posted by OneManZerg
      The 10 pool is a great counter to 6 pool or earlier pools - typically. Also on this note, larger maps help. If you play on steppes of war - UGH! If you play on blistering sands you've just bought yourself another 30-40 seconds before the zerglings get to you - that's a significant amount of time allowing you to do more 12, 14, 15, etc. pools in your strategies. Any kind of larger map allows you to focus more on macro / typical gameplay whereas any smaller map prepare for a rush.

      Lastly, tech up like you are saying. Getting mutas pre lair or pre hydras/mutas is a great game changing advantage. Getting Ultras pre them is huge too. Getting an expansion before they do and being able to hold it without significant losses is also a game changer. My biggest three things when playing zergs are out-expand, race to muta, race to ultra. It's sad... but those seem to be the most important things and other than a crazy rush war, the game deciding points.

      Lastly, watchout for people dropping spines in your base, if you see multiple drones "scouting" you early... kill them before they get to your creep.

      Hope that helps, if you have specific issues that still arise please say so.
      Very good points ^^ i might use them as well :P, and yes its bronz however the spine between pool and extractor sounds very effective and its not exactly hard to pull off like micro with your drones lol... ive never met a more stupid ai than the drone ai....
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