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Thread: Masters Zerg Coaching! (EU)
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      Thumbs up Masters Zerg Coaching! (EU)

      Hello, I'm AnYvia, a Starcraft 2 Master Zerg player. I started playing with the release of the game and immediately knew that this game is my passion. When I was Diamond I managed to win around 100$ from z33k and Playhem tournaments and now that I am Masters I wish to be able to succeed in online cups even more. I'm from Bulgaria but my English is perfect. -I will only coach people below Masters. -I will try to help you with any match up using any playstyle. -If you don't find the lesson useful feel free to ask for a refund. Skype: reatek_ For more information and scheduling please contact me. FOR THE SWARM!
      Prize: 6$/h
      ----Silver Zerg says: He has helped me a great lot. I've only had two sessions yet, but I'm certainly going to have some more. He was very patient and explained calmly what I needed to work. He even helped me take a game of a platinum Terran (I've played 20-30 games total, silver zerg). I've climbed the ladder quite some already and its under two days. The price he is asking is the cheapest I've seen around, definitively worth it if you want some help improving your game. edit: also, pretty much perfect english.
      ----Gold Zerg says: I have always had problems holding off cheeses and since thats what 70% of Gold is about I really appreciate your help! Hope to speak to you once I have more free time for learning!
      ----Plat Zerg says: The ZvZ is a matchup that I have never even understood on the most basic level. For 2 hours AnYvia pretty much taught me everything I should know on a basic level and even some neat tricks that can turn a ZvZ game in your favor immediately. Now I finally have a solid opener and know what to do against whatever my opponents open with or what they throw at me mid-late game. Totally worth your money - you will not be able to find cheaper coaching hours!

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      Maybe not the best place to post this... and it's mostly NA server players here.

      We are a helping community so I don't see why we'd need to pay for master tips when we already have master players in our ranks... So erm... Good for you if can make money off Starcraft
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      True that. It is sad I am a confused (terran/protoss) player.

      But not to be sad and all since its an option for other people who would like to pay than learn by themselves.

      Anyway goodluck have fun. GG
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