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Thread: Patch 1.4
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      Patch 1.4

      Patch 1.4 Is coming and as usual...I would like to discuus it and know the opinions that the community has about it.

      Personally I think that:

      Seeker missile speed upgrade is a little bit crazy, now it will be impossible to run from it unless you are palying fastlings or terran with stimpack.

      Immortal range increase....It'a great unit really great against ultras and roaches... INcreasing its range makes almost impossible to kill it (as zerg) unless you go mutas or have hydras....roaches have range of 4 so... with 5 many of them died before reaching range to attack, now...not even 1 will get colse to attack anything.

      Mothership...HUGE increase in acceleartion(not speed) I would rather see it not modifyed not because it is over, but because of the concept(at least that I have) of this unit. Mothership is huge and should be slow to move, should not have so much mobility, It should be on attack or on the defense using sink, or recaaling units. But giving it so much acceleratino makes it be able to be in one place and change direction to the other almost instantly. So i think it looses on concept. Yet, It will have to be tested ingame to see how it results, but I don't really like the idea of a "Big truck that moves like a motorbike".

      Ultralisk building time..It benfits me since I'm zerg, but I donīt think it will change anything in strategy... Since it is the last tier unit, with high production cost, and research and gets a long time to get to it. It's aunit that is only usefull against ground,(mainly buildings or colossus or tanks), It has issues to move due to it's size, lack the mobility of the colossu, and are useless against archons(which are way cheaper) If you get to this units a toss gets to carriers, and doesn't have most the mobility issues or unit attack limitations that the Ultra hsa, same happens with the BC's. So I think they are pretty useless for last tier unit, unless for very specific situations, with BC and Carriers and all-around. SOo I don't think is a ral cahnge on the mechanics on zerg strategy.

      Infestor damage reduction...well I'm not surpried Nerf the Zerg is what has happened since the begging of sc2. With that damage now you don't get to kill even scv or probes...only stun use....well...really....I on... They give the 1 attack granted on charge to zealots on the last patch and they nerf the Infestor, now...once again.... Oh well....

      Well, that's my thoughts about it. I know they are very probably influenced by a Zerg Point of view. I would like to know your opinion.

      Thanks, and sorry about this "wall"
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      Hellion Infernal Pre-Igniter damage upgrade decreased from 10 to 5.
      Now takes 3 hellions instead of 2 to kill drones. Still 2 shots to kill zerglings. I like that change.

      Immortal change. Finally the protoss will have a counter that actually kills what its supposed to. Also might change PvP a bit, since immortals now have same range than stalkers (Blink stalkers < Immortals)

      Mothership change, meh.

      Stalker blink research time took up, good stuff.

      +60 shields to warp prism: Best part of the patch, I love it. Less QQ, more multitasking.

      Raven HS missile speed bonus: Allows them to be the counter to infestors, can detect creep tumors and HS missile outruns infestors off creep. Also makes 100 damage, which 1 shots an infestor + splash. And BTW. HS missile is really good vs banelings, if the zerg doesnt split them. Theyre melee units: They have to run towards the missile.

      Infestor change: Also a nerf on the side of damage vs light & normal: Now it takes 2 fungals to kill zerglings, might see more lategame in ZvZ.

      Overseer change: Just to dry some zerg tears about scouting.

      Ultralisk 70 to 55 build time: Like it, I almost always reinforce with Ultralisk late late game, but what hapenned is that i'd always die before they could come.


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      hellion and infestor change had it coming.. obvious cries from QQing ragers (includes me haha)
      For the hellion, probaby 7 damage instead of 5 should be more fitting or else getting 150M/150V for a price of 5 damage aint that of a good bargain.

      I like the buffs for less utilized units, I hope they make trumendous buffs for units as such so they can be viable in the future strats, more buffs for the biggies!

      overseer buff is good but 125 energy??? 100 is enough

      warp prism drop micro yey! I missed the old shuttle and reaver dance...
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