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Thread: Imma rant about being dqed
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      Senior Member NightlyNews's Avatar
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      Oct 2010

      Imma rant about being dqed

      Basically I'm righting this pissed off cause I just got dq'ed, so if I come off as a whining bitch just ignore it.

      I entered the ascweekly tournament this week cause I had been on a month hiatus from starcraft. I basically didn't believe the new ladder system because all of my friends have been bumped up a rank.

      I was doing pretty good playing as zerg (I play random) and I got into the ro16 where I played NuclearSheep <-- Bitch, who 2 raxed every fucking game. So, I lost the first one and hate vsing that so switched to toss (I play rand so feel pvt is stronger than zvt).

      After I beat his ass going sentry expand into collosi twice he went whining to the judges and got me dqed. Fuck sheep his dumbass name and his all raxing bitch ass strategy.

      If you check the brackets ( hmm
      what now
      You: idk
      NuclearSheep: im gonna ask an admin
      You: ill ask admin
      The player is ignoring you.

      You: uh
      i technically won but i race switched
      ASCWadmin: um
      You: so idk am i dqed?
      ASCWadmin: that's not allowed
      You: lol
      i didn't read rules this time i played months ago
      so apparently they changed and i didn't reread
      ASCWadmin: when did you switch?
      You: kinda my fault
      ASCWadmin: throughout the tournament?
      You: i was zerg for all of it
      but i went toss in last 2 ggames vs sheep
      i normally play random
      but figured i could pick in this
      ASCWadmin: well let's see if he wants to replay those games with you as zerg.. one sec
      but otherwise you will be disqualified
      so you've been playing zerg the entire time? or random?
      You: zerg
      but if u check my last season and shit i play rand
      ASCWadmin: no just for the tournament i mean
      You: ya zerg
      ASCWadmin: okay he's not willing to replay the games.. and we kind of want to move on with the tournament
      so you are disqualified indeed
      You: ok
      im fine with that
      he doesn't get to advance though right
      i don't mind being dqed but he lost
      ASCWadmin: he is going to move on
      You: aww
      ASCWadmin: haha
      You: well good luck with ur tourney
      shoulda read the rules
      doesn't mean nuclearsheep isn't a bitch tho :I
      ASCWadmin: lol
      You: hopefully i'll see u guys next time
      ASCWadmin: next week?
      You: ya
      nuke sheep ignored me lol
      ASCWadmin: lol
      see you next week
      You: adios

      I'm done QQing gonna go grab a beer.
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      Senior Member Lemanruss's Avatar
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      Well, that's truly a bad looser. Ignore for loosing, it's amazing. Let's hope he looses on the next round.
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      Moderator Flamga's Avatar
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      Yea I had the same issue with checkin when they implemented that. Unfortunately they are a bit too strict I believe, but bad thing is they are the guys running it and unless your nice you dont get to come back

      But well done on your achievement on getting that far (just beat him next week) and if he was a nice player he would have told you you cant change race when you played game 2 (maybe it was cause he wanted to win, and if he didnt well he could get you dq'd anyway)
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      Senior Member IceCraft's Avatar
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      I've decided to try the masters tourny for week 13
      BTW is the time used EST or PST?
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      Senior Member woreyour's Avatar
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      lol he played you twice and complained only after he lost? what a fag.. He should have complained after he scouted you and you are toss..

      well you cant blame the admins as it is always a players responsibility to read the damn rules everytime they join and ignorance is not an excuse but that fag should have told you on the spot after he saw u change race.. my guess he wants to play it out 1st and see if he wins.. and when he lost thought of why things went wrong for him.

      In other tourneys random is considered a race pick itself where it lets the AI decide for you, well I guess it would be really nice to race pick for your best match ups also as it really make you give all your best plays and thats the advantage of knowing how to play all 3 races and knowing matchup strenghts and weakness.
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